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PostPosted: 15 Nov 2019, 05:46 

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I could use some help with my middle school girls team. I have a group of girls with not much experience that are having to step up and play at the A team level. I have one solid point guard. Two ok guards and two post players that have some good size for 7th and 8th grade girls but lack fundamentals.

Let me start with my guards. My point guard is pretty solid but the other two when faced with some man to man pressure have a hard time handling and taking care of the ball. With no pressure they seem to be ok ball handlers but when the pressure picks up we pick up our dribble, turn out back on the defense, etc. What are some good drills at this level to challenge them? The 1v1 halfcourt drill to work on defense and taking care of the ball? Something else?

Now my post players. With the size advantage these girls have on the other team we should be able to out rebound and score easily on the other team. These girls lack any real fundamentals as far as being agressive and going for the ball, boxing out, rebounding and keeping the ball high and secure with both hands. We want to slap at the ball instead of grabbing and securing. From a scoring standpoint the simplest catch, pivot and shoot is a challenge. We want to catch the ball and twist and turn without pivoting and squaring up. What are some good drills to work on with them? Do you have any good ebooks and such that would work for this age level and help break down for me how to go about working on this?

Thanks for your help on both of these issues!

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2019, 11:06 
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For your guard ball security, here are a few drills:

For the post players, this is one of the best things regarding all the teaching aspects of footwork, progressions, and scoring inside:

Beyond that, I would start with their footwork. Good drills above or you can start with basic jump stop and pivot drills. Then I'd also work on rebounding drills like:

- Work on their jumping and timing to get the ball. You can just line them up, throw ball of backboard, jump and get it. This is probably more complicated than what you need but you can take parts of this:


Nothing too complicated. Just work on the basics of timing the jump, getting ball with two hands, ripping it, and any box out drill works. And continual emphasis... following up with 3v3 of small sided games it a good way and opportunity to emphasize rebounding. You can reward more points for offensive rebounds... 3 pts for O boards. That will get everyone dialed in.

Jeff Haefner

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