1 on 1 Dribbling Drill With Random Traps

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Improves dribbling, handling traps, and dribbling out of double teams.  Also allows you to work on defensive aspects of on ball defense, double teaming, and the timing of traps.
Instructions You can setup the drill full court or divide the court in two by putting cones on the rim line.   We like splitting the court in half because it allows us to play in both directions and gives our players a bigger challenge. In this example we used cones to split the court in half.   Offensive players starts on the baseline.  Defensive player matches up to play 1on1. Additional defensive players (x2 and x3) are positioned around half court.  These are the "trappers". Player 1 advances the ball with the dribble while x1 plays 1on1 defense trying to stop the ballhandler.
Frame 1
The trappers can double team when they see a good opportunity.   In this case x3 decides to double team 1.    The defensive player (x3) continues to double team trying to stop the ballhandler.   Only two defenders are allowed to play.  So player x2 stays out of this possession.   1 tries to beat the double team and advance the ball to the other end of the court.
Frame 2
The double team requires the ballhander to keep their eyes up, change pace, retreat dribble out of traps, and use their all around ballhandling skills to advance the ball. If 1 picks up their dribble, loses the balls, or goes out of bounds... then the play is over.  If 1 advanced to the other baseline without turning it over, the player gets one point. After the play is complete, the next two players get ready.  And the group that just finished can come back on the other half of the court.