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This fast break drill improves your team's ball handling and dribble moves in tight spaces.

In order to succeed, your dribble moves need to be quick and explosive. And you have to attack in straight lines.

The drill doesn't allow you to waste dribbles! It doesn't allow you to waste movements!

The drill is self-correcting. If your players aren't extremely efficient with their attack moves, they won't succeed in the drill.

Your players improve and play the right way without you losing your voice... a coach's dream.

The offensive player starts under the basket with the ball.

The defensive player starts at half court.

Cones are aligned on each side.

The offensive player dribbles at the defensive player and makes a dribble move to attempt to get by the defensive player. The offensive player then attempts to score.

If the offensive player dribbles outside the cones or loses the ball, they lose possession and the next group starts. Once the offensive player is past the cones, they can use the whole floor to score.

The offensive player's goal is to get by the defender as quickly as possible while driving to the basket in straight lines with the fewest amount of dribbles as possible.

After the shot, the defensive player secures the ball. The defensive player now becomes the offensive player and the next person in line slides out to half court to play defense. The player who just shot hustles to the end of the line.

The new offensive player then attacks the opposite goal and this drill continues.

2 Variations For Larger Groups:

The drill above would work great for 6 to 7 players. Once you start to have more players, here are two more variations that would help with larger groups.

Two lines are formed. The offense is under the basket. The defense is at half court.

On command, the offensive player dribbles at the defensive player and looks to score.

As soon as the first group passes the cones, the next group gets ready to go.

On command or when the player shoots, the next group starts.

After the shot, the defensive player stays at that basket with the basketball as the new offensive player. The offensive player sprints to the defense line at half court.

Once all of the players have went, the group starts again going the opposite direction.

This variation is great if you have 10 or more players.

The drill is the same as above, except now you do the drill on both sides of the court while dribbling at opposing baskets to avoid collisions.

After you complete a possession, the group goes to the opposite side of court and the defensive player is now on offense and the offensive player sprints to the defense line.

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Cheyenne says:
8/18/2017 at 6:01:42 PM

So cool they really do work


Fred says:
7/27/2017 at 11:13:28 AM

Excellent drill - I like the way it incorporates numbers, our practices vary in attendance and sometimes its difficult to manage with fewer players. I will be using this drill.


Bobby T says:
7/27/2017 at 9:40:46 AM

I love this drill, thanks!


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