How To Create More Shots Off the Catch

In previous articles, we've discussed how shooting off the catch happens quite often and you shoot a higher percentage than shooting off the dribble.

That might've led you to think...

How do I create more shots off the catch? What can I improve so I get more of these shots?

Here are a few ways you can do so:

  • Great conditioning!

    One simple way to get more open shots is to be in great condition. If you can constantly move, you are going to wear down your opponent.

    It may not happen by the first quarter. It may not happen by the second quarter, but you will eventually see your defender out of breath and struggling to keep up.

    At this time, you will get open looks at will.

  • Improve your speed and quickness

    Common sense will tell you that if you're faster, you can create more separation. Also, if you have the ability to cut and change directions quickly, the defense won't be able to keep up with you as easily.

    As a result, you should get more open shots.

    So be sure to have a plan in place to improve your speed and your quickness.

  • Develop strength

    As you develop a reputation for being a good shooter, your opponents will try many different tactics with you.

    One tactic is being physical where they grab and hold you, bump into you, and knock you off balance. There are games and even leagues where this won't be called a foul. So you need to be ready for it!

    One great counter is to develop full body strength... strong lower body, strong upper body, strong core... basically strength from your toes to finger tips. That way, you can battle through this physical play.

    Now when your opponents create contact, you barely budge. Instead, the defender is more likely to lose their balance!

    As a result, you can use screens more effectively and cut through aggressive defenders which leads to more open shots.

  • Elusiveness with fakes and changing speeds!

    Improving your speed and quickness will make you more elusive. However, the ability to fake with your eyes, head, shoulders, and feet can help you create separation as well.

    When you can get the defender leaning in the opposite direction, this can give you a bigger head start and create more separation!

    Also, the ability to play at different speeds and change speeds will keep your defender constantly off balance. Not only is this physically demanding, it's mentally draining as well!

  • Develop go-to cuts and counter cuts

    Just like you should have go-to moves and counter moves with the ball in your hands, you should develop go-to cuts and counter cuts without the ball in your hands.

    If you curl really well off of screens, go to it! Make the defense stop you.

    In order to stop you, make the defense position themselves in a way that is almost impossible to guard your counter cut.

    So you might counter a curl cut with a flare cut.

    Don Kelbick told me about a NBA player he trained that always went to the flare cut first and built counters off of that.

    You might counter a v-cut with a backdoor cut.

    You might counter a L-Cut with a cut across the defender's face or a dribble hand off.

    The key is to develop complementary cuts to what you're good at.

  • Set great screens

    If you want to get open, go set a hard screen for somebody.

    You can set a back screen, ball screen, flex screen or any other action that you think is hard to guard.

    If you're a guard, you might screen for a big. That way, it can create a mismatch if they switch.

    You might even tell your teammates to look to set a screen for you after you set a screen. The screen the screener action is very difficult to guard... even when you know it's coming.

  • Film study! Study great players

    When it comes to finding ways to get open, you should also study video. In today's world, there are no excuses.

    You can study players like Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, and JJ Redick.

    You may even pick up on subtle little things that nobody talks about. Be a student of the game.

Well, I hope these tips help you create more open shots. If you want more help with shooting or developing better athleticism, you can view the resources below...

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What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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Paige says:
5/27/2020 at 9:07:27 PM

Thank you so much, please send me more. Thank You!!😁😁


Paige says:
5/27/2020 at 9:07:24 PM

Thank you so much, please send me more. Thank You!!😁😁


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