The 100 Shot Individual Workout

If you want to make shots during games, you have to take game shots from game spots at game speeds!

And Breakthrough Camps Instructor Jim Huber takes you through a great individual workout to do just that!

This workout improves your shooting, dribble moves, finishing, and footwork!

But first, every coach and player should read this critical information.

It could change the way that you design your drills and workouts forever...

Critical Analytics for Developing Workouts!

As we've pointed out in previous articles...

According to, during the 2018-19 season, here is how many dribbles were taken after the player catches the ball prior to shooting.

0 Dribbles - 44.1% of shots

1 Dribble - 13.1% of shots

2 Dribbles - 12.1% of shots

Nearly 70% of their shots come with two or fewer dribbles.


Here are some additional analytics from for the 2018-19 season.

This is how many points they scored per shot based on the number of dribbles they took.

0 Dribbles - 1.16 Points Per Shot

1 Dribble - 1.02 Points Per Shot

2 Dribbles - 0.95 Points Per Shot

3-6 Dribbles - 0.94 Points Per Shot

7+ Dribbles - 0.93 Points Per Shot

Think about that...

Not only do shots with fewer dribbles (about 2 or less) tend to happen more often during games...

They are also more effective!

100-Shot Mini-Workout

All of the stats provided above are great reasons to use this mini-workout inspired by Don Kelbick's Attack & Counter System and Workouts!

Here are the shooting drills presented by Jim Huber...

Block Practice Workout - Learning

When first perfecting the technique and footwork in the drill, you can utilize block practice.

Based on your goals, you can execute anywhere between 5 and 10 reps for each set.

Right Wing:

  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Shot
  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Step Through > 1 Dribble > Lay Up
  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Step Through > 1 Dribble > Jump Shot
  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Step Through > Dribble Move > Lay Up
  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Step Through > Dribble Move > Jump Shot

Left Wing:

  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Shot
  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Step Through > 1 Dribble > Lay Up
  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Step Through > 1 Dribble > Jump Shot
  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Step Through > Dribble Move > Lay Up
  • 10 Shots - Cut to Wing > Step Through > Dribble Move > Jump Shot

If you have time, shoot a set of free throws in between each set of shots.

After you execute the skills proficiently, ramp up the intensity to go at full speed and push outside of your comfort zone. It's okay to make mistakes as you challenge yourself.

Note: At times, I will have my players shoot twice as many shots off the catch as that tends to happen more frequently and on average, it is a higher percentage shot. So you could do two sets of ten for the first progression if you deem it makes sense for your situation.

Variable Practice Workout - Mix Up Shots

As you improve, it's a good idea to include elements of variable practice. This basically means that you change an element of the shot on each repetition.

The idea is to make it more game-like. You rarely shoot the same shot twice in a row under the same conditions during a game. And even if you do, you rarely do within a short time frame of 10 to 20 seconds.

To mix up your shots, you can change the...

  • Shot location - wing, elbow, top, guard, corner, short corner, etc.
  • Shot distance - 25 ft, 18 ft, 12 ft, etc
  • Type of shot taken - shot off the catch, shot off the dribble, finishing move
  • Number of dribbles - no dribble, one dribble, two dribbles
  • Type of cut - Corner to wing, Block to wing, V-cut, L-cut, etc.
  • Footwork used - forward pivot, reverse pivot, hop

So here's one example:

Go through this circuit one time without stopping.

  • 1 Shot - Cut to Wing > Shot
  • 1 Shot - Cut to Wing > Step Through > 1 Dribble > Lay Up
  • 1 Shot - Cut to Wing > Step Through > 1 Dribble > Jump Shot
  • 1 Shot - Cut to Wing > Step Through > Dribble Move > Lay Up
  • 1 Shot - Cut to Wing > Step Through > Dribble Move > Jump Shot
  • 2 Free Throws

Then you can go through this circuit 20 times. You can even alternate sides between the left wing and the right wing after each circuit or shot.

You would shoot 100 game-like shots and 40 free throws.

More on changing shots on each repetition... Short term and long term memory

Most of your shots during a game access long-term memory. However, if you always do block practice like the first workout above, you only access short-term memory.

So we don't get stuck in the weeds here, you can read more about this topic here. It also shows you some great ways to improve your free throw shooting.

Quick Review - Shortened Version of Drills

If you want a quick review to reference for the drills, here's a shortened version.

Bonus Drill - 1v1 Corner to Wing

If you have somebody to compete against, here is also a great drill to use. That way, you learn how to apply the skills and moves against the defense.

It's also a great way to train an attack mentality.

This incorporates what the academics call random practice.

Breakthrough Camps, Videos, and Workouts

We hope you enjoyed the ideas for your drills and workouts.

You can also find some other resources below to take your game to the next level.

Breakthrough Basketball Camps

Don Kelbick's Attack & Counter Skill Development System

Attack & Counter Individual Workouts

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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John says:
4/14/2020 at 9:12:42 PM

Love it. The addition of the one-on-one element adds a real game situation. We used a chair drill shooting and offensive move regimen before every practice with some similarity. We set a chair above the elbow at each basket with the seat facing a player with a ball (every guy on the team has a basketball). On every move the players hit the ball on the chair and then sweep it below the seat to emphasize staying low and sweeping hard. They complete a series with 1 minute or less if you want on each move.
1. Step through and one dribble drive to the basket
2. Step through and one dribble (emulate the defensive center helping and stepping out to defend the drive) player uses a step back or to the side and hits a jumper
3. Step through one dribble drive, 360 spin move and finish off the backboard.
4. Step through one dribble drive, Euro step to the rim for a layup.
We do this on both sides of the floor and finish moving the chair to the foul line where we work on step through going up when your step through foot lands and finishing with a teardrop.


Mack Culpepper says:
4/14/2020 at 11:26:40 AM

When I click on Print at the top right corner of the article a box appears. It says pdfs and printing coming soon. How are we going to know when both are available?

  1 reply  

Mbappe Kylian says:
4/14/2020 at 7:31:19 PM

Yeah me was thinking the same thing :))


Danny says:
4/14/2020 at 9:35:44 AM

What an amazing workout!


Danny says:
4/14/2020 at 9:35:42 AM

What an amazing workout!


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