How To Fix The #1 Workout Mistake That All Players Make

In this article, I'm going to tell you about a mistake that you're most likely making with your basketball workouts. Almost all basketball players make this mistake... even the really, really, really good ones.

And this mistake can be the difference between...

  • Earning a college scholarship or losing one.
  • Getting all conference and all state.
  • Being a benchwarmer and getting significant minutes.
  • Making the team and getting cut.

However, don't worry... this mistake is super easy to fix. And we're going to show you exactly how to avoid this critical mistake so you can maximize your skills and achieve your basketball goals.

But first, I'm going to tell you a story on how I learned this lesson the hard way. And I want to share it with you so you don't make the same stupid mistake that I did.

The "Stupid" 32 Combo Dribble Moves Workout

Before my junior year of high school, I started a workout program.

It had 32 different combo dribbling moves.

Each workout, I would do each combo move 4 times. Twice each direction.

So I did 128 repetitions.

Well, you know what happened... I didn't improve much at any of the moves. I never felt comfortable enough to use the moves during the game. And I was our team's starting point guard. It's not like I couldn't handle it.

Before the offseason started, I had a good hesitation move and an average behind-the-back counter move that I used during games.

After the offseason ended, I had a good hesitation move and an average behind-the-back counter move that I used during games.

I made about zero progress.

At the time, I didn't realize what the lesson was... it dawned on me a few years later.

The Critical Lesson That Very Few Players Actually Execute In Their Workout Plan

The lesson was...

It's vital to work hard. But more importantly, you need to work smart. You need to have a good plan.

If you're reading this article, there's a good chance that you're a hard worker and serious about getting better.

But there's a very good chance that you're NOT a good planner.

To give you a conservative estimate, I would say at least 95% of players don't plan well when it comes to workouts. However, my gut tells me that it's closer to 99.9%.

I was a State of Iowa scholar with a 4.0 GPA in high school and I still made this mistake.

I practiced for 90 minutes a day. And I guarantee that a player with a smart plan could have worked for 10 minutes a day and made more progress than me.

Now you might be wondering... how do I fix my workout plan?

First, apply these principles below.

2 Critical Planning Principles Guaranteed To Make Your Workouts Better Immediately... From A NBA Skills Trainer

I got these workout planning principles directly from a NBA skills trainer named Don Kelbick.

In fact, these planning principles helped me develop a Gatorade Missouri Player of the Year. (Due to NCAA regulations that are in the gray area and could risk eligibility, I'm not able to name the player until the spring of 2017 when he's finished with his collegiate basketball career.)

For those of you who don't know Don Kelbick, he has trained thousands of youth and college athletes. He has trained dozens of NBA players. He's trained Olympic gold medalist & NBA All Star Joe Johnson. He has worked with all-time top 3-point shooters like Raja Bell. He has been paid to spend an entire month with professional teams in Europe.

We actually begged Don to stop training NBA clients during the summer and become a full-time camp director with his Attack & Counter Camps for Breakthrough Basketball. He's done that with us for the last 5 years.

Well, let's get to the two critical principles that Don taught me.

You may have already seen these principles in a recent article, How This Surprising 79% NBA Study Can Dramatically Improve Your Drills, Practices, and Workouts.

Principle #1 - Focus and practice on the things that happen most often during the game.

From the article...

    A NBA study from showed that only 19% of shots came after three or more dribbles... That means the majority of shots come with two or fewer dribbles.

Here is an example of how Don organizes drills and workouts.

    Depending on your situation, you can use some of the progressions or all of them in a workout.

    Corner To Wing Cut - Catch and Shoot
    Corner To Wing Cut - 1 Dribble - Lay Up
    Corner To Wing Cut - 1 Dribble - Jump Shot
    Corner To Wing Cut - 2 Dribbles (Dribble Move) - Lay Up
    Corner To Wing Cut - 2 Dribbles (Dribble Move) - Jump Shot

Principle #2 - Build habits and skills that are the most effective and will lead to the most success.

In other words, practice situations that will give you high percentage shots.

Another piece from the article...

    Additionally... look at the points per possession based on dribbles!

    Zero Dribbles - 105.7 Points Per Possession
    One Dribble - 96.7 Points Per Possession
    Two Dribbles - 102.6 Points Per Possession
    Three+ Dribbles - 93.4 Points Per Possession

Don's workouts are structured to practice habits and drills that will steer you towards the most success on the basketball court.

Now, if you want to skip the lengthy and difficult planning process, we also have solutions for you.

The Quick & Easy Solution...

We developed the Attack & Counter Workout App.

In fact, there are over 300 drill variations and 250 workouts for all levels of players. It's geared towards players ages 12 and up.

It will remove the planning aspect, so you can just go through the workouts. You won't have to worry about whether the drills and workouts will make you better.

NBA skills trainer Don Kelbick developed the drills and workouts used in the app.

And he created a system that will help players gradually progress through the workouts and maximize improvement. And it's for all skill levels.

You can also save $50 on the Workout App until Sunday, May 15th.

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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James says:
6/10/2020 at 10:34:13 AM

I love this system, used it the last two seasons, and highly recommend it.


Joe says:
5/15/2016 at 10:46:35 AM

Purchased the app for my 9th grade son. It appears to be a an effective training tool. However, I'm wondering why the workouts are void of free throw shooting? (note - I scanned the workouts, maybe I missed that some include FT shooting, but I didn't recall seeing them my first time through) Principle #1 is 'Focus and practice on the the things that will happen most often during the game' - we all know FT's happen a lot during the game. Logic would tell me the skill workouts would incorporate free throw shooting?

  1 reply  

Joe Haefner says:
5/17/2016 at 9:31:56 AM

Hey Joe, this is what Don told me....

"What I do is I shoot them in between the progressions. Early in the workout, I'll shoot one at a time (drill 1 - 1 foul shot, Drill 2 - 1 foul shot). As we move on and more rest is needed, I increase the number free throws, usually up to 5. Sometimes, with higher level players, I'll add a sprint in later in the workout Drill 10 - 1 sprint - 2 fouls, etc). BTW, that is for conditioning, not because I think that shooting foul shots when you are tired is productive. You can add in foul shots however you like."


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