The Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter for Coaches -- Issue #21: April 9, 2009

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60 Fun Drills & Games For Youth Coaches - Looking for fun & competitive drills to use at your basketball camps this summer?

NEW Coaching Articles

Importance of Communication With Your Coach & How It Helped the Villanova Wildcats Reach the Final Four - This is an inspiring article that ALL coaches and players should read at least once.

The Problems With American Basketball - Great video done HBO Real Sports about the problems with the American basketball system.

Should We Teach Basketball Skills To Players Under the Age of 10? - Useful information for all levels of coaches, not just coaches who work with players under the age of 10.

NEW Offense & Defense

5 Out Cutters Offense - Motion offense that was used by State Champs (and it can be taught in ONE day)! It can be used as a delay offense, primary offense, and can be used at any level.

1-3-1 "Lob Pass" Zone Defense - Zone defense that forces the offense to stay high and wide while forcing lob passes.

NEW Drills & Video

No Hands Defense Drill - Encourages proper defensive positioning by emphasizing that defensive players use their feet rather than their hands.

Quick Shot Video - New video of a drill used to develop a quicker release.

NEW Shooting Articles

Shooting Tips - Finger Placement & Analysis Paralysis

This is the Time to Improve Basketball Shooting Percentage!

Subscriber Comments That You Might Find Helpful

How A Coach Improved from 5-11 to 15-4 in 1 Year!

Success Story from Kuwait

Sweden's Basketball Development System - Very similar to what we proposed in What's Wrong With Youth Basketball Leagues in our previous newsletter.