The Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter for Coaches -- Issue #17: November 18, 2008

NEW Videos & Drills

Wing to Wing Shooting Drill - Video

Wing Screen Shooting Drill - Video

Situations Drill - Great for your offense and defense.

NEW Youth Articles

What to teach youth players?

Sample Practice for Youth - Ages 7 to 10

Sample Practice for Youth - Ages 11 to 14

Coaching Youth Basketball with Limited Time (1 Practice a Week)

NEW Offense & Defense Articles

Offense Against Junk Defenses (Box-and-1 & Triangle-and-2)

Lower Your Opponent's Shooting Percentage

NEW Blog Posts

My Personal Experience With Tom Nordland's Swish Method

Do You Make This Mistake? Basketball Stats Can be Deceiving...

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Raymond Lu says:
12/2/2008 at 2:36:14 AM

Thank for the tips. Thank you... Thank you.


Todd Henderson says:
11/23/2008 at 9:50:24 PM

Thankyou for all the set plays.It has helped our basketball team greatly.The zone defensive plays are awesome.Love this web site.Thankyou.


Ruaidhri Devitt says:
11/21/2008 at 8:20:09 AM

I enjoy the game of bball!!!ye are soo cool...sly dog...oh wait its all even make me feel adiquate as a bball coach...thank you!!i love ye all!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s your website rox my sprakly sox!!!


Sam H says:
11/20/2008 at 4:25:46 PM

One of the things I do with the limited practice time

1. Have the player all but one line up at half court near the sideline. The one player is waiting under the backet.

2. Each player in line has a ball. Have then do a right hand layup starting at half court. The goal is doing the layup with 3-5 dribbles only. THis teachs the to push the ball forward and lest dribbles the faster the player get to the basket (The younger the more dribbles they have shorter legs)

2. After the player makes the layup he waits under the basket for the next player. The first player waiting under the basket get rebound or out of the net the ball and starts down the side line of chairs. He weave in and out of the chairs making sure the is on the outside hand as he goes around the chairs. When gets to the far baseline he looks for coach at the free line or where ever and pass the ball to him and then cut to the basket and recieve a pass from the coach and does a layup.

3. After each goes 2-3 time through the circuit switch side and then go left hand layups.

This keep all players moving and doing dribbling, layups, and passing. It also is a good starting warmup and after 5 minutes they should be ready for a new drill.


Joe Haefner says:
11/18/2008 at 7:29:26 AM

Hi Ender,

You can find all of our basketball drills that we have put on the website so far at this link:

We also have a FREE ebook that you can download. If you have not received it, sign up again at


Julie McCormick says:
11/18/2008 at 6:55:56 AM

Hey, these basketball issues are awesome, I have used alot of these Drills, offense and defense.
Thank You very much



maher masre says:
11/18/2008 at 6:15:20 AM

thank you very much you are so helpfull why dont we make some conversation or discussion board between us


ender says:
11/18/2008 at 3:03:05 AM

thank you very much all of them are very good .thýs year ý started to work ýn a women basketball team .ý am asýstan coach my team play ýn fýrst leagua ýn turkey.can you help me for more drýlls for shootýng ,warmýng,offence,deffence for women players.we have amerýcan player who play ýn wnba and some of them play ýn natýonal yeam of turkey.ýf you send me drýlls for them ý wýll be very happy.thank you very much see you later


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