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USC Clearout Play For Your Best Playmaker

November 18th 2022

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  • USC Clearout Play For Your Best Playmaker
  • 4 Ways to Make Your Drills Better! (With 6 Drills)

USC Clearout Play For Your Best Playmaker

Here's a nice little play from USC that we posted on social media.

It's a great way to create space for your best playmaker to operate.

You can find this play on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

3 Motion Offense Drills: How To Teach Screening & Cutting

As you go through these drills, you want to adapt the drills to make them the right fit for your players.

You can aim for roughly a 60% to 70% success rate. You want them to have some success and you also want them to be pushed. If it's too easy or too difficult, they can lose interest or motivation.

Here are some common ways...

1 - Change position of the defender

To give the offense an advantage, you can delay the start of the defender and give the offense a head start. You can also position the defender further away to cover more distance.

To add difficulty, you might give the defender a head start or allow them to cover a shorter distance. That way, the defender arrives earlier.

1v1 Speed Dribble - Offense Starts With Advantage

2v1 Fast Break with Trailer - Offense Starts With Advantage

1v1 Corner to Wing - No Advantage At Start

2 - Remove or add defenders

By reducing the defenders and making a drill 2v1, 3v2, 4v2, or other variations, it gives the advantage to the offense.

By adding additional defenders such as 1v2 or 2v3, this provides a greater challenge to the offense.

3-on-2 Full Court Drill - Fewer Defenders

1v1 Dribbling Drill With Random Traps - More Defenders

3 - Increase or decrease space of the playing area

You can change the boundaries of any drill. By decreasing space, this makes it harder on the offense as the defense has less ground to cover. By increasing space, this makes it easier for the offense as the defense has more ground to cover.

It would be the opposite for the defense. If you increase space, the defense has to cover more ground. If you decrease space, it's easier for the defense.

1v1 Attack with Narrow Cones - Smaller Playing Area

For this same drill, you could just widen the cones to make the playing area larger.

4 - Use time limits

Setting a time limit will force the offense to be more efficient with their moves. They have to attack in straight lines and they have to play with urgency.

You can increase the time limit for beginners. You can decrease the time limit to provide a greater challenge.

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