"Out on an Island" - 1v1 Corner to Wing Shooting Drill

This is a great 1v1 shooting drill to use to improve your scoring ability.

The offensive player is out on an island. You have no choice but to attack and look to score. You have to improve your shooting, dribbling, footwork, and finishing skills. You can't pass the ball and have somebody bail you out.

You also get vital shooting reps with a live defender closing out. This is very similar to a game.

Another beauty of this drill is that it incorporates random practice which has a high transfer rate to games. Each repetition is slightly different and the offensive player doesn't have a predetermined pattern... just like in a game.


Offensive player starts with the ball in the corner.

Defensive player starts near the basket.

Passer is located near the top.

Offensive player initiates the drill when he passes the ball to the passer. They immediately cut to the wing area.

As soon as the pass is made, the defensive player closes out to stop the offensive player.

The play is live.

Drill Variations:

  • Immediate attack - If the player doesn't attack immediately, you can penalize the offensive player with a turnover. This can be a 1-second count or 2-second count depending on the level of the player.

  • Shot clock or dribble limits - You can also have a 5-second shot clock or limit the players to 3 dribbles. That way, it remains like a game-like drill and produces effective habits that will help you score in games.

  • Change locations of shooter and passer - You can change the location of the passer and the offensive player to practice slightly different cuts and angles.

  • Change defender locations - You can also change the location of the defender to simulate different close out angles.

  • Dictate defender - You can also have the defender take a step back or forward to simulate an early or late closeout. You can tell them to get there early. That way, the offensive player gets different defensive looks.

Use This Drill Template for All 1v1 Shooting Drills!

With a little creativity, you can create any shooting drill. You just simulate a game-like cut that happens during a game.

Then you simply add a defender in a position that they might closeout from in a game.

Shouldn't You Include Passing to Make It More Game-Like?

As mentioned earlier, we don't want to allow individual players to hide within multi-player drills by immediately passing the ball. We want you to develop a scoring, attacking mentality!

However, we believe this is just a piece of the pie when it comes to skill development. This 1v1 drill is just a progression among a set of drills.

If you have enough players, add some progressions of 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. Start each possession with this cut and pass then play live from there.

Each progression can serve a different purpose and has different pros and cons.

Breakthrough Camps With These Drills

With our Breakthrough Camps, we use similar progressions.

You will see skills practiced with no defense. Then you will see drills that progress from soft defense to live 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5. You will also see advantage and disadvantage drills mixed in like 2v1,1v2, 2v3, 3v2, etc.

Our expert coaches adjust this based on the level of the campers and the level of the camp.

There are hundreds of camps across North America with different types of camps that adhere to beginners or advanced high school players.

Here is the schedule where you can learn more and register:

Breakthrough Basketball Camps Schedule

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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