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Buying a basketball system for your backyard or driveway can be a big decision. Everyone wants to get a quality product that will LAST! But not everyone knows how to go about buying this or what qualities to look for in their new investment.

Foundation Is EVERYTHING

When building a new home, everyone knows that the house is only as good as the foundation it is built on. One of the most important qualities when you are buying ANYTHING is having a solid foundation.

The foundation for a basketball system is the pole that the backboard is attached to. Choosing the wrong foundation and pole system = eventual failure of your hoop system.

One of the big differences in basketball hoop systems is:

1 pole systems


2 pole systems (these systems have 2 poles connected together)

Increasing Your Home Value

Basketball systems add value to your home...usually (why usually? more on this later).

When new home owners are looking to buy a house and they see a hoop system in the yard or driveway, they see:

  • Hours of family fun
  • A place for the neighborhood kids to hang out
  • Hoop already installed... no work/added cost to install one themselves
  • Kids not on their phone/computers, but outside... WITHOUT being forced
  • Their own personal "gym" that is always open for kids to improve their skills

Curb Appeal

If you choose the wrong basketball system you may be disappointed. They do not ALWAYS add value to your home. One very simple reason - CURB APPEAL.

If an inferior product is installed, what inevitably happens is this turns into an eyesore. Families see it as an a rusty and leaning eyesore!

Now instead of adding value, home buyers see it as needing to be replaced! And more work and expense for them.

Comparison of 1 Pole vs 2 Pole Systems

1. Shake- We’ve all played on the outdoor courts that the hoop shakes for a lengthy time after someone shoots the ball against it. It is frustrating and takes away from the enjoyment (and accuracy) of that hoop.

Shake is virtually eliminated in a good 1 pole system. A 1 pole system is going to be more solid, and not vibrate nearly as much as a 2 pole system. Meaning more fun, enjoyment, and accuracy for everyone using this hoop.

Advantage: 1 Pole System

2. Rust- Ok this is a four letter word for many people. Nobody wants to have a rusty pole in their front yard. Not only does rust make a basketball hoop look bad, it also allows for more wiggle and shake in the pole….that continues to get worse and worse as the rust continues. The next time you see a rusty basketball hoop, stop and notice where the rust starts. Almost inevitably it will be where the poles are connected in a 2 pole system. The paint wears quickly where the poles are connected leaving exposed metal... ultimately leaving RUST! Since a 1 pole system does not have this pole connection... it also does not have rust.

Advantage: 1 Pole System

3. Foundation- The better the foundation, the better the product! A 1 pole system will ultimately be a sturdier, more solid product. Players will get a much more accurate feel for their game using this backboard with a solid, 1 pole system. Whether using the hoop for fun or serious practice, the 1 pole system will give a much more genuine feel for shooting!

...and inevitably, the foundation of a 2 pole system will begin to fail at the joint and you will get a much unwanted LEAN to the hoop!

Advantage: 1 Pole System

And The Winner Is.....

In that battle between 1 Pole Systems vs 2 Pole Systems , there is a clear winner :

The 1 Pole System!

If you are looking for a quality hoop system that will last, one of the criteria you must have is a 1 pole system. This helps to assure you that your system will:

  • be the LAST basketball system you will need to install
  • add value to your house
  • be a quality product that the family and neighborhood kids can use for years


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