Skill Killer - Stop Making This Common Mistake For Drills & Workouts

Today's concept is super simple, yet I hardly hear of anybody talking about it.

In your drills and workouts, you need to START mixing up your workout partners and STOP competing against the same players every day.

You need to compete against players of all sizes and skill sets. Let me explain.

When you play the game of basketball, you run across all types of players.

You have players that are short, tall, quick, slow, smooth, clunky, big, thin, and all sorts of combinations.

You have players that can handle it, can shoot it, and can lock you down defensively. Some of the really good players have all of these skill sets.

You even have subsets of each skill set that players have specific strengths in. For example, on defense, you have players that are great at guarding the ball, defending off the ball, help defense, blocking shots, or even combinations of these. For shooting, maybe they are great at shooting off the dribble, finishing, or shooting off the catch.

This means you need to mix up your workout partners that you compete against.

Become A Complete Player

If you only compete against one type of player, it can be easy to develop holes in your game.

  • Are you always matched up against a short player? If so, you might not be developing strong finishing skills because it's easy to score over them.

  • Are you usually matched up against a slower player? If so, then your ballhandling skills are not getting challenged.

There are many more examples, but you get the picture.

Additionally, you can work on drills that feature their strengths. That way, you can become really, really good at specific skills too.

If you find a great shot blocker, maybe practice a few finishing drills against them.

If you find a quick guard, do some ball handling & attacking drills against them.

So go mix up the players that you train with and develop an all around game. This will help you make it to the next level.


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