Do You Use These Essential Drills For Player Development?

With the offseason here, it's time to get in the gym and get better!

Most people are well aware of the typical skill drills that you can perform in the gym by yourself or with a rebounder. These drills are very important to skill development and should be incorporated into practices and workouts.

However, there are other types of drills that people often forget to include into their practices and offseason workouts that are essential to player development. These drills are the difference between great "practice players" and great "game players".

You definitely don't want to make the same mistake that many players and coaches make by NOT including these drills into your practices and workouts and get passed up by somebody else who is using these drills.

So What Are These Essential Drills?

They are what we call "Competitive Skill Development Drills."

Competitive skill drills are where you put your players in game-like situations with one or two defenders. This would typically include 1v1, 1v2, 2v1, and 2v2 type games. These drills will also include dribble limits, time limits, smaller areas, and bigger areas to make the drills easier or more difficult based on your team's skill level.

The drills have certain rules and situations to ensure that you are practicing habits that will translate to the game.

As you may have already figured out, competitive skill drills are great because every single player who uses these drills...

  • Improves at game-like situations and HAS to touch the ball.
  • Develops the necessary ball handling skills and decision-making in pressure situations.
  • Enhances the player's ability to shoot in game-like situations.
  • Develops post and perimeter moves, so you have constant mismatches on offense.
  • Elevates their ability to finish near the basket.
  • Improves athleticism, especially speed and agility.
  • Sharpens the defensive skills needed to defend in game situations.

Not to mention, this is a fun way to get better.

Chris Paul's Little Secret and How You Incorporate These Type of Drills Into Your Workouts?

Chris Paul must understand the importance of these drills. One summer Chris Paul and Gilbert Arenas spent an entire summer using one on one drills exactly like these.

In particular, they played a 1 on 1 drill where they started from the OPPOSITE free throw line and could only use three dribbles to score. Talk about making a drill difficult!

Stats Drill Picture - Enable Images to View Picture of the Drill Like Chris, all you typically need is a partner to work out with as most of these drills are 1 on 1 drills.

Once you get the hang of these drills, they're quite simple to incorporate into workouts.

You can a take perimeter shooting series that includes jump shots, dribble moves, and finishing moves. After you do a perimeter shooting series, you can replicate the same situation by adding a defensive player.

So the offense now has to apply the skills they learned in a real game-like situation. Everybody knows that practicing skill without a defense is completely different than trying to apply those skills in a game-like situation.

Instead of you trying to think of all of these drills on your own, we created a product called 30 Competitive Skill Development Drills DVD.

22 of the drills on the DVD are 1 on 1 drills. The rest you only need 3 or 4 players to use them. Also in the bonus PDF, you will find a few extra drills that you can use as well.

These are drills that we truly believe in and we hope that they help you as much as they have helped us.

Additional Recommended DVD's & eBook:

The Attack & Counter Skill Development System
This eBook & DVD's will improve your shooting, ballhandling, footwork, perimeter moves, post moves, finishing, aggressiveness, quickness, confidence, mentality, and your all-around game!

Designed by NBA skills coach Don Kelbick, this unique and comprehensive system is incredibly simple when compared to other skill development programs. Yet it works with NBA and pro players at the highest level... (more info)

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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Raymond says:
10/17/2016 at 6:44:52 PM

Your products do not ship to Puerto Rico. Can it be added to the checkout process?

  1 reply  

Jeff says:
10/18/2016 at 7:42:28 AM

Raymond - It's there but a little hard to find. You'll need to select Puerto Rico in the "country" drop down and then select "none" for the State. Thanks.


Kedwin Grady says:
4/8/2013 at 3:00:26 PM

Great point Coach! This website has helped me out so much this past year


Robin Sallie says:
4/1/2013 at 9:16:03 AM

I use the drills for my travel team made up of 4th, 5th and 6th grade girls. We played in the 6th grade division against teams made up entirely of 6th graders. We finished season in our division and second in our tournament. I found the drills effective and consider the DVD as money well spent.


jason says:
3/29/2013 at 7:10:10 PM

do you like the DVD and think it is effective? What age group does this apply to?


Joe Haefner says:
3/28/2013 at 12:43:46 PM

John, that is the same DVD.


john collup says:
3/28/2013 at 11:34:18 AM

is this the same DVD I allready have?
30 competitive skill development drills with jeff haefner


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