How Post Players Score On Ball Reversals

In this video clip from the Attack & Counter Skill Development System, Don Kelbick teaches players how to score on ball reversals.

In the video above, Coach Don Kelbick teaches a move called the Duck-In. He mentions some important critical tips for getting wide open using the Duck-In.

Inside Hip / Inside Shoulder - You want to get your inside hip and inside shoulder between the defender and the ball. This opens up a lane to receive the pass. The footwork used is called a step through.

Time step as player receives pass - Timing is critical. Your step through should happen as the player at the top receives the pass. Too early or too late, and the defender has recovered into a better defensive position.

Take defender deep under the hoop - You want to take the defender as deep as possible under the hoop. This helps you use the goal to prevent the defender from blocking the shot.

Another side benefit of this move is that it clears out a help defender. If a perimeter player attacks, they will have more space.

How To Get NBA-Level Training With Don Kelbick

Don has used these same tips to train Olympic gold medalists, NBA All Stars, NBA 3-Point Shooting Champs, NBA All-Defensive Players, and players at every single level down to youth basketball.

You can learn more about Donís skills and drills at Post Play Camps, Attack & Counter Camps, and Shooting Camps.

Parents and coaches are also welcome to observe.

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Coach Abner says:
8/14/2016 at 9:35:00 AM

The Attack & Counter DVD set. There's a link at the top.


Tom Carroll says:
8/14/2016 at 8:40:57 AM

Hi there. I can't attend the camps because I live in Melbourne Australia.
I was wondering what DVD this is off?


Jose Burgos says:
8/14/2016 at 8:33:00 AM

I will certainly have my son work on this move and the incorporated it into my team workouts. Very simple but effective move. Thank you.


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