Ray Allen Shooting Drill

The Ray Allen shooting drill is a great drill that you can use for a shooting warm up or to end the workout in a fun, competitive manner. It can easily be adapted for beginners and pros. Check out the instructions, diagrams, and video below for more details.

There are 5 lines. From each line, there are 5 spots. This is approximately the distance on each shot:
Spot 1 - 4 Feet
Spot 2 - 8 Feet
Spot 3 - 12 Feet
Spot 4 - 16 Feet
Spot 5 - 20 Feet

You have to make a shot from spot 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 in 5 consecutive shots in order to advance to the next line.

If you miss from any of the spots, you start over in that line. If you miss a shot in line 3, you start over from line 3. You don't go back to line 1.

Your goal is to finish all 5 lines in 2 minutes.

Wanted to give a special thanks to Kyle Wolf who is the shooter in the video below. Kyle is a 6'6 forward at Rockhurst High School (Class of 2013) in Kansas City, Missouri.

Regressions and Progressions To Make The Drill Easier or Harder Based on Skill Level:

  • Move back a spot after each make - Rather than making 5 shots in a row, you allow the players to move back a spot after each make even if they miss in between.
  • Use 3 or 4 Spots - Instead of using 5 spots, you can make it a little bit easier by only making them go to spot 3 or 4.
  • 6 Spots - For more advanced players, you can add an extra spot.
  • Kyle Korver Status - Make 25 shots in a row.

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James says:
6/27/2012 at 11:59:33 AM

Being a 7th grade coach I like the tips. I will use after football ends and baketball starts.

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Sterling says:
6/28/2012 at 12:21:49 AM

Nice drill. Good for partner shooting and competitive. Like how shooter catches pass with knees bent, hands ready, and steps into each shot.


Marlon says:
9/23/2012 at 9:13:51 PM

Fix the offhand and so not fluid.


Daniel says:
9/26/2012 at 9:34:23 PM

I am a 12 year old basketball fanatic and have seen some videos that are used to improve shooting. My problem for my shooting touch is my shot always drifts to the right side of the basket. Most of the time I have trouble hitting my threes, but my mid range game is unstoppable, what should I do to fix my shot from long distances?


Ken says:
9/27/2012 at 8:43:37 AM

Hi Daniel -

Glad to hear that you love this great game.... you are saying that your shot is drifting to the right... we cant see your shot but it sounds like you are not holding your follow through. I'm sure that you have heard " put your hand in the cookie jar " well do that and HOLD your follow through until the ball goes in the basket.

If I were you, I would spend some time working on your form... shoot 25 shots against a wall concentrating on your follow through. You need to develop what we call MUSCLE MEMORY..... which will help your form to become automatic... you wont have to think about it. This is problem that you have to fix now before you move on, you are young enough to correct this with a little practice.

As for shooting 3s, it could be that right now a 3 ball is a little out of your range? Look at the video here and watch as you see the shooter step back after he makes a shot... If you miss, step back in a bit.

Play to your strengths right now and work on increasing your range every day. That doesn't mean that you shoot 15-16 footers well and then jump back to the arc. Work your way back a foot at a time. I know, every kid wants to shoot the 3 ball or dunk it but play YOUR game right now.

You are young and you WILL realize your dream IF you work at this.... 12 years old and a great mid range game, I believe you WILL achieve your goal. Good luck and let us know how this goes.

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Tyler says:
2/9/2016 at 5:17:27 PM

Hi my name is Tyler i'm 10 I shoot 3's and shooting 50÷ from the 3 point line and the other half of the time I miss how to I constently make the shots


Ken says:
9/27/2012 at 8:48:01 AM

Dan -

Here is something that I used with my players and what I have written to many other players on Breakthrough Basketball...

As I talk to a lot of players, they are looking to correct their shot, dribbling, passing etc. Mostly shooting..... there is no quick fix for this, you have probably been shooting that way for a long time and have created a bad habit and its in your muscle memory.

To correct this problem, it is going to take 100s of shots to create a new muscle memory - so the shot becomes automatic.

The first thing you have to do is correct your form... that can be done by shooting against a wall so you don't have to worry about making the shot... only using correct form -

Shoot 100s of shots a day until you have correct form. Then you can go to the basket and do what we called BEEF check going from Block to the Middle to the other Block.

Step 1 - We started this with the SHOOTING HAND ONLY.... maybe 12 shots in all.
Step 2 - Then you can bring your guide hand up but NOT on the ball and do the same thing. 12 more shots.
Step 3 - - 12 more shots with your guide hand in the proper position. ( your guide hand has nothing to do with the shot other than to keep the ball in the proper position on your shooting hand.)

The next thing to do would be to step back several feet... 6-7 feet? Now repeat Step 3, don't move any further back until you have mastered this distance. Once you are shooting with a good percentage, you can move further back. Don't move to the three point line if you are shooting 30 percent from 10 - 15 feet.

Don Kelbick says that a good shooting percentage is around 46% and in game situations that is good... in practice, from short range, I would like to see it a little higher.

From the free throw line... depending on your age and ability level, 60 to 80 percent is what I had my kids try to achieve. ( High School Varstiy Players )

To explain BEEF for those who haven't heard that term.
B - Balance ( staggered stance, one foot slightly in front of the other )
E - Elbow under the ball ( the elbow might be SLIGHTLY out )
E - Eye on the target (keep your eye on the target until the ball goes in)
F - Follow through..... ( keep your arm extended until the ball goes in)
I hope this helps.


Daniel says:
9/29/2012 at 2:38:47 PM

Hey Ken
I have started doing this since you told me, my shot had been great. In 5 games I shot 89% free throw percentage and 65% from the field. Thanks!


Ken says:
9/29/2012 at 4:19:33 PM

Hey Dan -

That is great! Keep up the good work. Those are some amazing numbers..... You ARE becoming almost AUTOMATIC...... I love to see guys that are willing to work at the game and then see some success.... but 12 years old with those numbers.... you could have played for me any time. :-)

Keep us informed as to your progress..... and, by the way, when you make it to the pros or some big time college program... I expect some good season tickets. LOL


Daniel says:
9/29/2012 at 5:14:03 PM

Haha thanks xD I'll keep working hard so I could get that far. I have another game in a couple hours for playoff seed in my league. I'll let you know the results as soon I get the chance too!


Ken says:
9/29/2012 at 7:38:58 PM

Good luck Dan!


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