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Drill Purpose

Fun and competitive skill building drill for all age levels (youth to high school). Can be used as a dribbling drill, warm up, and/or fun skill building activity.

The drill requires players to dribble with their head up, change direction, and move at fast speeds. There are dozens of variations to make this drill challenging, competitive, fun, and effective!

Basic Instructions

  1. Randomly scatter cones all over the court. 12 to 20 cones is a good number for a standard court but you can use more or less depending on the space you have to work with.

  2. When coach says "GO", players dribble to each cone and touch the cone. Players have to dribble while they touch the cone or it doesn't count. So as an example, they might dribble with their left hand and then reach out with their right hand to touch the cone.

    Players have 1 minute to touch as many cones as they can.

    Players must touch at least 5 different cones in a row before coming back to the same one again. This forces them to move all over the court instead of staying in the same area.

Ways to Win

Here are a few different goals you can set and different ways to make it competitive:

Option 1 - The player that touches the most cones in one minute is the winner.

Option 2 - The top three players that touch the most cones win. Add a little incentive and players will really hustle and compete.

Option 3 - Set a goal. Players that touch 20 or more cones get a drink. Anyone under does push ups.

Option 4 - Assign teams. The team that touches the most cones wins.

12 Drill Variations and Additional Rules

When you run the drill, you can enforce specific rules to get players to focus on certain skills you believe are important and also to give players some variety.

For example, I like to require players to use left hand only for round one. And then on round two require them to dribble with right hand only.

Here are some variations you can implement...

  1. Players can dribble with their left hand only.
  2. Players can dribble with their right hand only.
  3. Low dribble only (sock level).
  4. Change hands each time you touch a cone.
  5. Double cross over at each cone.
  6. Triple cross through the legs at each cone.
  7. Cone touch going backwards only (players have to dribble backward the entire time).
  8. Alternate forwards and backwards (dribble to the first cone forwards, second cone go backwards, third cone forward, and so on).
  9. Cone touch shuffling only. Players have to shuffle sideways to each cone.
  10. Two ball cone touch. Players have to dribble two balls to each cone, quickly touch the cone with one hand and quickly regain their dribble with both hands.
  11. Two ball cone touch with crossover. Players have to do a two ball cross over at each cone and then touch the cone.
  12. Shrink the size of the area to make the drill more challenging and chaotic (which is good for simulating game like intensity).

Age Level and Final Thoughts

This is a fun way for players to improve their ball handling. The more confined and competitive you make the drill, the more chaotic, intense, and game-like it becomes.

With young teams you can do this drill frequently. With older players, it works too but use it in moderation. We occasionally run this drill with high school teams and they have a lot of fun with it.

Can You Think of Other Variations or Improvements for this Drill?

Leave your ideas, comments, and questions below...

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Lyn Pemberton says:
9/12/2013 at 4:55:02 AM

Split your team into two groups - 1/2 at each end of the court on the base line - they could be standing, sitting, laying down,( Practicing agility to get up) 3pt start etc while dribbling on the spot.

Put the same number of different coloured marker cones in each 1/2 of the court.
At least 4 or 5 different colours x 3 sets in each 1/2 of the court eg 15 cones).

Coach call a combo of marker cone colours and any number of athletes. Athletes are numbered off - 1 to 5.

Coach Call - red, white, blue, yellow - 2, 5
Coach Call - blue, yellow, green, left hand only, 1,3, 5. Etc.

Athletes 2 & 5 from both ends must sprint dribble to the marker cone colours in the order called out. At the opposite end of the court.
Then they sprint dribble back to their base line.

Next call comes in as soon as the last person is over the line.

Another option.
You could also put in a combination of marker cones and sprint ladders and work the footwork speed and dribbling at the same time.

You could add colour cards/flash cards/peripheral vision training cards (whatever you call it in the USA), Athletes have to complete the above and call the colours of the flash cards as well. (You might need a couple of other people walking the side line flashing up the cards. This is training multi tasking - dribbling, listening, calling, remembering combo calls. etc.

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Lyn Pemberton says:
9/12/2013 at 3:49:33 AM

Dribble forward on left or right side of cone, with corresponding hand - eg. left side of cone = left hand.

Side step over the top of the cone (12 o'clock) and you come around to the right side, switch ball to right hand.

Then you need to be working slightly backwards as you come around the right lower side of the cone.

When you get to "6 o'clock" or bottom of cone, behind back dribble to get it back to the left hand.

Move onto the next marker cone.


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