Combination Drill - Box-out, Fastbreak, Passing, Finishing/Shooting

By Voon Hoe Moo

Drill Purpose:

There are times when you would want to pay attention to a specific aspect of your players' game that you would want to improve. However, focusing on only one part can be time consuming. This drill comes in handy because not only does it focus on multiple aspects of the game, it also produces game-like situations while working on players' conditioning.

This drill is appropriate for all ages.


  1. Players will pair up and make two lines at the baseline on the right side of the court.
  2. To start out, Player 3 will throw the ball off the backboard and grab the rebound while Player 1 positions himself for the outlet pass around the 3-point line.
  3. Player 3 opens up towards Player 1 with a pivot and passes the ball. Player 1 then dribbles his way to the middle of the court while Player 3 goes behind Player 1 and SPRINTS up the court to the opposite 3-point line.

  1. Player 1 will pass the ball to Player 3 leading him towards the 3-point line. Player 3 will perform a hop-step as he catches the ball, pump fakes, and drives to the basket for a layup.


  1. Player 1 will have to run towards the basket to grab the rebound after Player 3 makes the layup and runs across to the 3-point line. (Players should not have to throw the ball off the backboard at this point, simply catch the ball if it is a make or grab the rebound if it is a miss. Players are still to perform a pivot to face their partner.


  1. Their roles are now switched as Player 1 will now make the outlet pass and sprint down the court as Player 3 dribbles it up and passes it back to Player 1 for the layup.


  1. This time around, Player 2 will step up in position as soon as Player 1 crosses half-court. Player 2 will box out Player 3 as he runs towards the basket for the rebound while Player 1 makes the layup.


  1. The whole process repeats with Player 2 and Player 5 as Player 2 would grab the rebound and make an outlet pass to Player 5. Player 1 and Player 3 would then go to the back of the lines.
  2. After a set number of layups made, be sure to switch to the opposite side of the court to work on finishing with the other hand.


Teaching Points:

  1. Ensure that players are using the proper footwork to pivot out towards their partner while properly securing the ball under their chin.

    Added challenge: Have the player who was boxed out, bother the player securing the rebound - making it difficult to make an outlet pass and make sure that the player is securing the ball properly.

  2. Stress the importance of the precision, accuracy, and timing of the passes. In this case, passes should lead players towards the 3 point line comfortably without having the players exert themselves forward or worse, stopping to retrieve the ball from behind them. Accurate passing should put the receiving player in position to perform any move in mind.

  3. Have players vary their finishing at the rim. In real-game situations, a straight line layup from the 3-point line is very rare. Therefore, it is important for players to mix it up when finishing at the rim.

    Added challenge: Have an assistant coach position underneath the baskets to challenge the players; layups - forcing them to vary their finishing. Alternatively, if you are focusing on a certain type of finishing, have the players do that instead.

  4. Emphasize the importance of boxing out and securing the rebound. I would say to my team, “A successful defensive possession is when the ball ends up in our hands!”

    Added challenge: Have players really go after the rebounds. If the player with better positioning fails to get the rebound, have him or her do pushups or sit ups as a penalty. This adds a sense of competition among players which makes them even work harder.


Depending on the skill level of your players, the goals and duration of the drill will vary. As a guideline, have players make 30-50 layups per side.

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