3 Post Moves To DOMINATE The Paint (For Guards Too!)

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In the video clip below, NBA skills trainer Don Kelbick shows you three post moves that you can teach to your team.

These moves enable your players to create more scoring opportunities around the basket. And since lay ups are the most efficient shot in basketball... the more you can make this shot and the more opportunities you can get, the better.

Also, below the video we explain why you should also use these exact same drills and moves with your guards.

Post Move #1: Drop Step Dribble - Drop Step

You drop step to the middle of the lane while taking one or two dribbles.

Then you plant your inside leg and execute a drop step with your outside leg.

As Coach Kelbick said, make sure to pick up your pivot foot and drive that knee up to the basket.

Also, a reminder, once you pick up your pivot foot to shoot, you cannot return it back to the floor prior to shooting (or passing). That would be a traveling violation.

Post Move #2: Drop Step Dribble - Front Pivot

Like the first move, you start with a drop step towards the middle of the lane with one or two dribbles.

Except, this time you do a front pivot on your outside leg, then shoot.

Post Move #3: Drop Step Dribble - Front Pivot - Step Through

This is continuous of post move #2. Now when you front pivot to shoot, the defender takes away your shot. So you execute a step through move straight to the basket.

Post Moves Tips:

  • Drive Knee To Hoop - This Carries You Through Contact

    On post moves #1 and #3, make sure to drive your knee to the basket. As Don Kelbick explains in the video, this creates momentum and power towards the basket. So if there is some incidental contact, you can finish through it.

    And if there is excessive contact, the amount of force will knock you off your path. And due to your sudden, abrupt movement, it's easy for officials to call the foul.

  • Don't Worry About Mistakes

    At first, your players are going to travel and make mistakes. The key is to get more repetitions. If you see a mistake three or four times in a row, then instruct with coaching cues as they continue through the drill.

    Most of the time with players, it's not a matter of knowing what to do. It's a matter of getting enough repetitions to get the body trained to do it.

Why You Should Teach Your Guards These Moves Too!

When I teach my teams, I teach all of my players these moves. Why should you?

1 - The footwork is the same as moves used to finish around the basket when attacking from the perimeter.

Look at moves #2 and #3 again. Aren't those the Rajon Rondo finishing moves?

Look at move #1 again. Isn't that similar to what some people call a spin move?

The only difference is you start closer to the basket. And that leads to point #2.

2 - You get more reps closer to the basket. One of the keys to developing great scoring moves is to get a bunch of reps.

So which one do you get more reps with.... Starting closer to the basket or starting beyond 3-point line every time?

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't ever practice the moves from the perimeter. You need to do that too! So you could simply do 5 reps in the post and 5 reps from the perimeter.

But you should definitely do some reps close to the basket. And this leads to #3.

3 - Most guards are bad post defenders and you can take advantage of them.

So if you have practiced your moves in the post area, you can identify weak defenders and post them up.

As a coach, you can do this. If all of your players know how to play in the post, you can simply just yell out the player's name during the game. Then your team knows to look for that player in the post.

I've done this before and it works great.

Footwork Is The Basis For All Great Post Moves, Guard Moves, Finishing Moves, Dribble Moves, and Even Shooting!

As you can see, great footwork is the basis for all great post & perimeter scoring moves.

As a coach, you probably already know that a player can have mediocre dribbling skills, yet still be a great ball handler. That's because their great footwork enables them to get by the defenders.

With great footwork moving off the ball, you can quickly catch the ball, face the basket, and get balanced. This will get your players more open shots and will lead to a higher shooting percentage.

And that's what so many people love about Don Kelbick's Attack & Counter Skill Development System.

He shows you how to connect all of these moves and situations with just 3 pivots and 3 counters.

And as you could probably see in the video above, this accelerates learning of the moves. It's a main reason that these kids could pick up the moves so quickly in the video, even though Don was teaching them the moves for the first time.

    "Don Kelbick is one of the greatest teachers of footwork fundamentals in the game of basketball today."

    - Brian Sass from Wheeling, Illinois

    "I don't buy many DVD's. This one is outstanding. Don Kelbick is a master teacher/coach that simplifies things greatly. Footwork is so key to the game. breaking offensive moves to 3 moves and 3 counter moves - whether you are a post or guard, dribbling or not -- simplistic. I'm integrating these footwork concepts into my daily practice. It is very well organized, DVD and PDF. A great buy!!"

    - Coach K from Fort Collins, Colorado

    "This is by far one of the best skill development DVDs on the market. Regardless if you are high school college or Pro and you are looking for a system and method of developing player look no further the Kelbick's Attack & Counter. This will be standard of player development dvd's for years to come."

    - Wes Brooks from Corinth, Texas

Unorthodox mentality tips that make your players more aggressive and assertive!

And another bonus with the Attack & Counter System is that Don has some very unorthodox, yet effective mentality tips that you might really like. They make your players more aggressive, more confident, and better decision-makers on the floor.

Even if you don't like his mentality stuff, at the very least, you have a great system to teach to your players and accelerate their skill development.

And like always, we have our 100% money-back guarantee. That way, if you don't like it, you get to keep your money. No hassle. No questions asked!

If the roles were reversed, that's how we'd want to be treated.

Go the page below to learn more and get the videos.

Don Kelbick's Attack & Counter Skill Development System

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