Pack-Line Defense Adjustments - Reduce Penetration and Force Perimeter Shots

In the Man To Man Defense Video, Jim Huber demonstrates adjustments he makes with his team to play a pack-line style defense.

You may want to do this against teams that are…

  • Athletic
  • Great at dribble penetrating
  • Poor perimeter shooters
  • Great post players

You may also want to play this defense because it aligns with your defensive philosophy. Some coaches believe in taking away all penetration and forcing contested, perimeter jump shots.

As you can see in the video, even the defensive players that are one pass away are packed near the lane and ready to help on the dribble drive and penetrating passes.

The three progressions covered in the defensive shell drill are:

  • Passing Only
  • Dribble Penetration
  • Live Play


Solutions and Resources:

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