Master Your Close Outs and On Ball Defense With This Drill - 1 on 1 Wing Close Outs

Proper execution of defensive close outs is extremely important to a great defense. If you don't properly close out, you give up more open shots and dribble drives. Also, it's impossible to have a great defense if you are at a constant disadvantage playing 5v4, 4v3, 3v2, etc.

Well, here is a game-like drill that forces your players to improve their defensive close outs. Also, there is not any help defense. So it puts the defense in a more difficult situation than a typical game.

Your defenders are out on an island. And you quickly learn who can defend in a one on one situation. Not to mention, it's great for developing defensive quickness and speed.

Another benefit is that your offense will improve decision-making, shooting, and attack moves.

This video clip is from Jim' Huber's Man To Man Defense - How To Build Your Defense Step By Step.

Drill Instructions

The defense starts under the basket.

The offensive player is on the wing.

The defender follows the pass with a hard close out.

On the first repetition, the offense is not allowed to go “live” until the defender closes out and touches them.

After the first repetition, it's live. The offense does NOT wait for the touch any more.

The defender’s job is to keep the ball out of “the house” and force a contested jump shot, then block out and secure the rebound.

Coaching Tips

  • Use Both Sides Of Basket - When one pair is running live, another pair should be ready to go on the other side to improve efficiency.

  • Use Multiple Baskets - To get more repetitions, make sure to use as many baskets as possible.

  • Make Competitive / Track Scores - Keep track of scores to increase the intensity level through competition. It's also a good way for you to hold players accountable.

5 Keys To Better Defensive Close Outs

Also, here is another video that reviews the fundamentals and keys to a great defensive close out. Here is the full article if you want to read more.


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