How To Raise Your Offensive Field Goal Percentage By 5% To 17%?!

Did you know that fast break opportunities yield a significantly higher effective field goal percentage (eFG%) compared to non-transition plays?

Yep, that's right. According to Hoop-Math, the average eFG% per team for men's college basketball during the 22-23 season was:

  • 54.6% eFG% on transition plays
  • 49.7% eFG% on non-transition opportunities

And UCLA had a 17% difference!

And I've had reports from high school teams where the differences reach as high as 20%-30%.

This could be the difference between another 5-15 points in a game!

How many more wins would that get you each season!?

If you think about it, this stat makes sense because if you attack in transition (off makes and misses), defenses are scrambling to get back and don't have time to set up properly.

That makes them vulnerable and unprepared, which is the perfect time for you to secure easy baskets.

Implementing an attack-minded transition offense may be something you've already found success with...

Or something you may want to start building with your team now.

And if you're looking to get more high-percentage shots out of transition, be sure to check out Coach Ryan Schultz's Early Attack Transition Offense!

While it complements any offense, it also works great with Coach Schultz's Hybrid Attack Offense.


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