This Virginia Offense Stat SHOCKED me!

Everybody knows that defense has been a staple of Virginia’s rise under Tony Bennett and their 2019 National Championship victory in men’s college basketball.

However, this year their offense was just as good if not better than their defense… and this shocked me!

Their adjusted offensive efficiency was #2 in the nation… out of 353 teams!!

Their adjusted defensive efficiency was #5 in the nation.

So what did Tony Bennett do on offense and defense?!?

With Virginia this year, Tony Bennett used motion offense and man to man defense!

For offense, they integrated ball screens with blocker-mover motion offense principles. Basically, they set ball screens, set screens off the ball, utilized spacing, and taught players how to attack the defense. And they had designated screeners who set screens for the other players, hence, the blocker-mover name.

For defense, they played a tough packline man to man defense. They emphasize contesting all shots and eliminating penetration within the 3-point line. They don’t extend their defense much beyond the quarter court.

Like Virginia, everybody who coaches players under the age of 16, without a doubt, should be teaching man to man defense and motion offense!

And obviously, it can be used with great success at the high school varsity and college levels as well, but there are other strategies that can lead to success. So that’s why other coaches do different things at these levels.

If you want to teach both man to man defense and motion offense with a step-by-step template, we have a special for you…

Complete Offense System with Tim Schuring

Man to Man Defense with Jim Huber

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