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Tim Schuring's Complete Offensive System -- 5 DVDs and 4 eBooks

Transition, Secondary Break, Motion, Quick Hitters, SLOBs, BLOBs, Press Breaker -- A Complete and Seamless System With All the Details

This video and eBook set gives you a complete offensive system -- with nothing left out. It's rare that you can see an entire system and how it all fits together. Each aspect of the offense is covered in detail. Coach Schuring shares numerous tips and techniques that have worked extremely well over the years.

If you're a veteran coach you'll pick up dozens of coaching nuggets and ideas. If you're a beginner coach, you get a complete blue print from beginning to end. We think coaches at all levels will appreciate this video set.

Why We Love This Offensive System and Video Package

  • It works at all levels - proven success from 3rd grade to college. Coach Schuring first used the system with great success at the college level. Later he adjusted the system for the youth level and has utilized it with 3rd through 12th grade teams. The video shows you how to make simple adjustments so it can be used at any grade level.

  • It's incredible for player development. The system prepares athletes for the next level -- it teaches them how to play. The motion offense is based on simplicity and universal concepts. It allows you to focus on skills and player development. The universal concepts prepare players for ANY offense they might run in the future.

  • It's a "complete" offensive system. You get every detail of the offense and how it seamlessly works together staring with fast break, secondary break, flowing into motion, motion offense, zone offense, adjustments, half court quick hitters, BLOBs, SLOBs, and press breaker. You get to see all the pieces of an offensive system and how they fit together.

  • It covers all the important details to make the offense successful. We often say... "it's not what offense you run, it's HOW you run it". Coach Schuring shares all the details of HOW to run the transition, motion, and all the plays successfully.

  • It's simple yet can grow with your team. You can implement the system in a couple practices. Then you can stop there or continue to build and add more. The system allow for years of growth or you can keep it incredibly simple.

  • It's flexible. You can use this with any type of team. Coach Schuring has used the same system with hundreds of teams in his club program, at high school level, and at the college level. It's proven to work and adapts to your situation, regardless of your personnel.

  • It includes all the step by step implementation guides. You'll learn exactly how to implement this entire offensive system (step-by-step) -- or you can implement "pieces" of it into your current program.

  • It's a great youth, high school, and college system. We highly recommend this system for youth and high school coaches. It's something you can start at the 3rd grade level and build it all the way into high school or college.

About Coach Tim Schuring

Tim Schuring's coaching credentials includes:

  • Owner/Director of TNT5 Basketball Development & Iowa Prep. 75% of Iowa Prep alumni have moved on to play collegiate athletics.
  • Over 25 years as Head and Assistant Coach at high school and collegiate levels.
  • 1989-90, Blakesburg High School, 21-2 record, sub-state and conference champions, state tournament appearance.
  • 1990 IBCA District Coach of The Year.
  • 1991-92, Seymore High School, 19-3 record, conference champions.
  • 1998-02, University of Saint Mary. Took over a program in 1998 that had not seen a winning season in 10 years. In 98-99 season had 7 wins, 99-2000 season 19 wins, and 01-02 season went 25-7. Athletic Conference Champions, NAIA National Tournament round of 16 appearance.
  • Led the KCAC in highest points per game
  • KCAC Co-coach of the year.
  • 2010-14, Luther College, schools best four year run in history. 2010-11 IIAC Conference Champs. NCAA DIII National Tournament Appearance - 1st round win. 2012-13 IIAC Conference Champs.
  • 2012 Inductee into Saint Mary College Athletics Hall of Fame.

Here's What You'll Get in this Video & eBook Package:

DVD 1 & 2: Transition Offense

Chapter 1 - Transition Offense Intro

In this chapter, Coach Schuring gives an overview of the transition and his "3 Keys" to make the transition offense successful.

Chapter 2 - Primary Break

Some of what you'll learn includes:

  • The 5 fast break positions
  • How to assign players to the right position
  • How to trigger the break off made and missed shots
  • Tips to get the ball down the court faster and beat the defense
  • How to rebound and avoid players leaking out too early
  • 6 primary break options and how to execute each option
  • Key teaching points of the primary break and scoring options

You'll learn exactly how to run a primary break, how to run lanes effectively, and how to get high percentage scoring opportunities during the first 3-5 seconds of your fast break possession.

Chapter 3 - Primary Break Counters

Next you learn how to counter defenses that deny the inbound pass to your point guard. Coach Schuring uses a few simple counters and shares clever techniques to gain a numbers advantage in the transition attack.

Chapter 4 - Secondary Break

In this chapter you learn the 4 secondary break options. If none of the primary break options are available, you flow right into these secondary break options. The secondary options are signaled by the pass or point guard movement.

Coach Schuring goes into detail covering every screen, cut, and spacing options for best scoring opportunities. The action happens quickly and opposing teams are often susceptible to the quick hitting secondary actions covered in this chapter.

Chapter 5 - Secondary Break Counters

In this chapter you learn more advanced counters for high school and college teams. As you score in your primary and secondary break, defenses will inevitably make adjustments to try and stop your secondary break.

You'll learn how to counter a variety of defenses situations including:

  • How to counter switching screens
  • How to counter sagging weakside defenders
  • How to counter hedging of ball screens
  • How to counter and attack zone defenses (with simple adjustments)

Coach Schuring goes into detail covering all the counters for each secondary break action.

Chapter 6 - Transitioning into Your Offense

In this chapter you learn how to flow into your half court offense from your transition. You learn how to flow into the following offensive formations:

  • 3 out 2 in
  • 4 out 1 in
  • 5 out (open post)

Chapter 7 - Transition Channels

In this chapter you learn the importance of spacing in your transition offense and the importance of working the sides of the channels when running the floor.

Chapter 8 - Transition Offense Drills

Coaching Schuring gives you 7 transition offense drills that he uses to develop the offense. The drills will help you:

  • Teach and build the transition offense
  • Improve execution
  • Improve passing skills
  • Improve conditioning
  • Develop counters based on the defensive positioning
  • Run the court full speed
  • Improve decision making
  • Identify scoring opportunities

The 7 drills are presented in order -- so you get a step-by-step drill progression for building your offense and then making improvement during the season.

Chapter 9 - Transition Adjustments for Youth to High School

Coaching Schuring shows you how to simplify and adjust the transition offense for youth teams:

  • 3rd - 4th grade adjustments
  • 5th - 6th grade adjustments
  • 7th - 8th grade adjustments

Chapter 10 - Transition Questions and Answers

Coach Schuring answers some of the common questions about the transition offense. Some of what you'll learn includes:

  • How the transition works for both fast and slow footed teams
  • The advantage when the shot clock is used
  • How to counter the most commonly used defensive tactics intended to slow down your transition
  • How the transition benefits youth players
  • How much a youth or high school coach can expect to implement with limited practice time
  • Step by step implementation tips
  • Why you should consider using the transition system and how it creates excitement in the program
  • Getting over the mental aspects of running every possession
  • How much practice time to devote to the system

Coach Schuring closes with ideas for you to either borrow pieces of the offense or use the entire system with your program.

171 minutes of video, 39 page eBook

In the first two DVDs you get 171 minutes of instructional video. You also get a 39 page eBook that includes written instructions, diagrams, and explanations of the transition offense.

DVD 3 & 4 - Motion Offense

Chapter 11 - Motion Offense Introduction

In this introduction you will learn:

  • 7 advantages to motion offense
  • 4 keys to a high scoring motion offense
  • How to assign player positions

Chapter 12 - Principles of Motion

In this chapter you learn all the core principles that make the motion work:

  • Spacing and guidelines for open alignment (5 out)
  • Spacing and guidelines for closed alignment (4 out, 1 in)
  • Motion offense rules (this is heart of your motion that makes it work)
  • Demonstration of the whole (5v0) showing you how all the rules and pieces fit together

Chapter 13 - Building the Motion

Next you get all the important details to make the motion offense effective. You also get a step-by-step guide to building your motion offense.

  • 11 drills for building your motion offense
  • The fundamental details of how to cut properly: basket cuts, curl cuts, back cuts, and blast cuts
  • The fundamentals details of how to screen properly: away screens, ball screens, flex screens, and brush screens
  • How to teach your players to use screens and cuts effectively
  • How to create more ball movement and reversals
  • How to create separation on cuts
  • How to read the defense
  • When to look for certain cuts and screens
  • How to get open on perimeter
  • How to trigger motion offense and get the ball entered
  • How to improve your screening

You get all the details of how to teach and use cuts and screens. These details are what make your motion highly effective.

You also get a step by step progression of drills that allow you to teach players and build the motion offense.

Chapter 14 - Motion Counters (vs Man)

In this chapter you learn how to counter several man to man defensive tactics...

  • How to handle defenses that switch screens
  • How to counter defenses that hard-hedge the ball screen
  • How to counter defenses that deny entry passes

Chapter 15 - Zone Offense Adjustments

In this chapter you learn how to make a few very simple adjustments to attack zone defenses.

You learn how to attack the 2-3 and the 1-3-1 zone defense.

The adjustments are based on your core motion rules. It's a very simple and effective way to attack zones using your same base offense.

You'll see the offense run live against both 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses. You'll see exactly how to teach zone offense to your players.

Chapter 16 - Motion Adjustments for 3rd & 4th Grade

In this chapter you learn how to teach the motion offense to youth teams -- 3rd and 4th grade.

This is a simplified version of the motion making it easier for young players to learn. Coach Schuring has been using these adjustments with great success for many years in his youth club program.

Chapter 17 - Motion Adjustments for 5th & 6th Grade

In this chapter you learn how to teach the motion offense to 5th and 6th grade youth teams.

Chapter 18 - Motion Adjustments for 7th & 8th Grade

In this chapter you learn how to teach the motion offense to 7th and 8th grade youth teams.

Chapter 19 - Common Pitfalls of Motion

In this chapter Coach Schuring addresses a few common issues that can bog down your motion. You learn how to combat:

  • Stillness... how to fix both a lack of player movement and slow player movement
  • Ball watching... how to get players to see the court (instead of ball watching) and react to the defense effectively
  • Too many perimeter cuts... how to get players attacking the basket and getting the ball inside

Chapter 20 - Motion - Questions & Answers

This chapter gives you answers to common questions about the motion. Some of the answers include:

  • How to add more structure to the motion
  • How to prevent motion-stoppers (players that dribble on every catch)
  • How to handle pressure defenses that deny entry passes
  • How to implement the motion in progression steps and an expected timeline
  • How to define roles for players

DVD 5 - Quick Hitter Plays, SLOBs, BLOBs, and Press Breaker

Chapter 21 - Quick Hitters

In this chapter Coach Schuring gives you 6 quick hitters basketball plays. He shares his tactics to disguise the plays and make it harder for teams to scout your plays.

You can use these plays to complement your motion offense, get your best players shots in the right spots, and give your opponent a different look.

Coaching Schuring goes into detail covering the important coaching points of each play, timing, and gives you numerous quick hitter scoring tips.

Chapter 22 - BLOB Plays

Next you get 3 of Tim Schuring's favorite baseline out of bounds (BLOB) plays. You'll learn how to disguise the plays and how to score in inbounds play situations.

As always, you get detailed pointers and tips to execute each play effectively.

Chapter 23 - SLOB Plays

In this chapter you get 2 sideline out of bounds plays (SLOBs). The plays are designed to give you scoring options during your sideline inbounds situations.

Chapter 24 - Press Breaker

The final pieces of his offensive system is the press breaker. Coach Schuring shows you all the details of how they handle full court pressure and how this press break offense fits into the rest of his system. He covers the following situations:

  • Press Breaker Vs Full Court Man Denial
  • Press Breaker Vs Full Court Zone Press
  • Press Breaker Vs 3/4 Court Zone Press
  • Press Breaker Vs Straight Man

Chapter 25 - Closing Thoughts

Coach Schuring gives you some final thoughts on how you can utilize this system -- whether you take pieces to add to your own system or use the entire system from beginning to end.

Summary of What's Included

Here's a recap of what you get with Tim Schuring's Complete Offensive System:

  • DVD 1 (86 minutes) - Transition Offense Part I
  • DVD 2 (85 minutes) - Transition Offense Part II
  • DVD 3 (94 minutes) - Motion Offense Part I
  • DVD 4 (85 minutes) - Motion Offense Part II
  • DVD 5 (96 minutes) - Quick Hitters, SLOBs, BLOBs & Press Breaker
  • eBook 1 (39 pages) - Transition Offense
  • eBook 2 (33 pages) - Motion Offense
  • eBook 3 (25 pages) - Quick Hitters, SLOBs & BLOBs
  • eBook 4 (16 pages) - Press Breaker

That's a total of 7.4 hours of video and 113 pages of content.

Who Should Consider this eBook & DVD Set?

We recommend this DVD for all levels... from 10 year olds all the way to the college and pro levels. Coach Schuring has used this same offensive system with his college teams, high school teams, and his club program (5th grade to 12th grade).

For youth teams, we recommend this system to coaches that will work with a team for more than one year. As an example, if you coach a 4th grade team and will work with them for only one year, this product is probably over-kill for you. But if you will work with the team more than one year, then this is a highly recommended system that will grow with you and be a great investment.

Instant Access

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After completing your order, you'll get access to a password protected area where you can watch the videos and download the eBook. The streaming videos require high-speed internet and can be viewed on any computer or tablet connected to the internet.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price for the 5 DVD and 4 eBook package is $145.

Online streaming video is also included with the DVD purchase (accessed in the password protected members area).

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