One-Hand Form Shooting - What I Don't Like

When it comes to everything in skill development, you always need to think about your objective.

What are you trying to achieve? And are the activities and drills aligned with what you're trying to improve.

So let's analyze one-hand form shooting...

Here are some things I don't like about one-hand form shooting:

  • When your guide hand is down by your side, your body feels different.

  • Your shoulders aren't level.

  • Your torso and core feels different.

  • And when I played, the ball position in my hand and the actual release felt different compared to my jump shot.

Here are some things I do like about one-hand form shooting:

  • If you're trying to create proficient shooting mechanics, I like to use it as a beginner's progression.

  • It eliminates other factors and lets a beginner just focus on the follow through and the release of your shooting arm.

  • You get focus on ball position in your hand, snapping your wrist over, and pushing through with the fingers.

  • You also develop the rhythm and timing of locking out your elbow and snapping the wrist forward.

  • For players who need to work on just the follow through and the release, I think this is an important progression.

Personally, I like to progress as quickly as possible to a one-hand shooting form with the guide hand up by the ball but not touching.

To me, it feels much closer to a normal jump shot due to shoulder position, torso position, and muscle tension in the body.

For now, I will continue to use one-hand form shooting with players who need to improve their mechanics.

Shooting Resources and Shooting Camps

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What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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