Do This Before Adding Moves and Fakes

One thing that really pains me to watch is this...

Players putting the cart before the horse by spending their precious off-season time working on finesse moves and fakes that they saw on the internet...

Before they've developed the foundational skills to become a true scoring threat!

That's because... many fakes and moves are utterly useless if you're not a threat to score!!

Let me explain why that is... and then I'll provide some tips on how to become a scoring threat... along with a great drill you can start using today.

First... if you can simply shoot the ball consistently from mid to long range...

You'll force defenders to have to close out fast to stop your shot. And when defenders are closer to you (or they're out of position)... your moves and fakes will really "have teeth" because the defender will be too afraid to give you an inch of daylight.

On the other hand...

If you can't shoot a high percentage shot... they'll just sag back and take away your dribble drive... or just let you shoot and miss.

Second... if you're a threat to drive quickly and effectively to the basket and score...

Defenders are far more likely to "bite" on your moves and fakes... because they'll have to take every move you make seriously... out of fear of getting beat off the dribble!

And this drive to the basket doesn't have to be anything fancy.

LeBron James (while admittedly tall, athletic, and strong) is highly effective because he simply drives to the right or to the left and scores the ball! And his ability to do that means that defenders must pay close attention and commit to these drives... which sets up his moves and fakes.

This is also especially clear with small, quick guards.

Take Allen Iverson's famous killer crossover, for example.

His killer crossover was set up by his threat to simply blow right by you and score!

If Iverson wasn't a potent threat to drive and score... his crossover would have meant nothing because defenders wouldn't have bitten so hard on his initial move!

So before you start adding a plethora of "moves" or "fakes" to your arsenal...

Make sure you're a real threat to score... otherwise the defense will never commit to your moves because they know they're useless.

So, heading into next season your focus should be...

  • Shooting off the catch (including the moving and cutting prior to the catch and the ability to create separation)!
  • Developing the ability to drive to the left as well as the right... and score the ball!

If you can make improvements in these two areas... then your moves will actually mean something to defenders!

But until you're a true scoring threat... don't waste your time with useless moves that the defense can simply ignore.

Here's a great 1v1 drill that will develop your ability to shoot off the catch and drive by the defender and score.

It's also great for learning how much space you need to shoot... and what finishing moves work for you!


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