Individual Shooting Drills

Here are some tips if you are solo. That way, you can adapt most drills to do by yourself.

And it's actually quite simple.

You can practice every game-like cut by simply doing two things.

1 - Use spin outs.

2 - Use chairs.

Individual Drill #1 - Spin Outs

You simply spin the ball out away from you backspin. Then you sprint to the ball and grab it, turn and face the basket, then shoot.

You can do a variety of straight cuts and curl cuts. You can do corner to wing cuts, wing to top cuts, post to perimeter cuts, perimeter to post cuts, high post to low post cuts, low post to high post cuts, fast break cuts from half court, and so on.

Individual Drill #2 - Chair with a Ball

Chairs are great for when you need to practice more complex cuts like V-cuts, L-cuts, shallow cuts, fade cuts, face cuts, curl cuts, etc.. It's harder to utilize spin outs when practicing these cuts.

Individual Drill #3 - Chair with a Helper

Also, if you can't find another basketball player to train with, you can have somebody else help. It can be a parent, sibling, friend, guardian, or anybody else. They just have to know how to rebound the ball and place it on the chair.

You also don't have to waste your time rebounding. You can get two basketballs and go at a quick pace. This is great for being efficient with your time and it also helps with conditioning.

Attack & Counter Individual Workouts

You can also find hundreds of drills and workouts designed by NBA skills coach Don Kelbick below:

Attack & Counter Workouts and Drills Program

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