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The Euro step move. The side step move. Whatever you want to call it.

This move has made players like Manu Ginobli, Dwyane Wade, and more recently James Harden nearly impossible to guard when attacking the basket.

There are situations where a defender jumps in front of you to take a charge.

When this happens, you simply step to the side around the defender to avoid the charge.

Additionally, this can throw off the timing of a shot blocker that steps in front of you.

In this video clip from Next Level Finishing Moves, we want to show you how to make this move great. To amp it up a few levels, so you can be very hard to defend.

Jim Huber gives you critical tips for executing the move. Additionally, he gives you breakdown drills and step by step instruction to teach the move.

Jim has trained and coached NBA draft picks and also coached in the Nike EYBL, so you may want to check out the video.

Essential Tips For The Euro Step / Side Step

Here are some essential tips to doing the Euro Step.

  • Jab Step With Explosion - On the last step with your dribble, take a jab or evasion step to the force the defender to go in that direction and out of position. This opens up a lane for your next step to the basket.

    And by explosively stepping in that direction, you change your pace and throw the defender off balance and even more out of position. This makes it nearly impossible to guard the side step.

  • Pound Ball On Jab Step - You want to pound the ball on your jab step. This is very important as it prevents a turnover via a traveling violation. If you pick up the ball too early, you travel.

  • Rip Over Or Under - You want to rip the ball over or under the defender's hands as you take your side step or Euro step. That way, they can't strip the ball from you in a last ditch effort to stop you from scoring.

  • Long Steps - You want to make quick, long steps on both the initial jab step and the second side step. This helps cover distance and gets you by the defense.

Euro Step / Side Step Drill Progressions

Some players can learn this move just by watching it. Others need to break it down into chunks to properly learn it.

If you're one of the players that need the breakdown drills, this is extremely helpful.

Progression 1: Two Steps - No Dribble

You simply take the jab step and the side step. As you get the footwork down, then you want to focus on long, explosive steps. In a way, this is a progression within a progression.

Note, this is a travel. However, it's used just as a progression to help you learn the footwork.

Progression 2: Euro Step - Add Dribble

Now, you practice adding the dribble to the Euro Step move. You start a step or two inside the 3-point line depending on the age of the player.

Progression 3: Euro Step from 3 Point Line

Now, you have the players back up and use the move from the 3-point line.

Some Additional Tips:

  • Add this little progression - After progression 1 and before progression 2, you can also squeeze in a progression where the players only take two steps like in a progression 1. However, you add the dribble.

  • Practice from all angles and distances - Once you can execute the footwork, practice this move from different angles and distances all over the half court. Since the amount of dribbles and distance that you jump from can change each time during the game, it's very important to do this.

If you want to learn more finishing moves to take your game to the next level, check out Jim Huber's Next Level Finishing Moves. You will learn the critical tips for each move and the breakdown drills to get you there.

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William Lawson says:
5/31/2020 at 9:47:46 PM

When to use euro


William Lawson says:
5/31/2020 at 9:46:42 PM

Have balance drills and such to secure balance and drills without the hoop


Gavyn K says:
2/11/2020 at 4:55:34 PM

I have always had trouble with knowing when to use the euro step. Can you recommend a video to watch explaining when to read the defense and make the decision on when to start the first jab?


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