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Score 8-15 More PPG and Load Your Team
With Fearless Finishers Who Convert in the Lane

Successfully used by 60,000+ players from youth to college levels

If you've ever lost sleep thinking about close games you should have won - if only you'd made a few more layups - this letter will be a turning point for your upcoming season.

Because if you use the training info I'm about to share, you can:

  • Give your players multiple finishing options against any defensive look
  • Increase And-1s (and foul trouble for your opposition)
  • Add 8 to 15 PPG to your team's scoring average
  • Get players to stop worrying about getting calls
  • Reduce turnovers in the lane
  • Build players' confidence in their finishing skills (an underrated but essential key)

It transforms players' abilities at EVERY age and skill level...

Whether they have a 4-inch or a 34-inch vertical...

And even if they currently lack the size, strength or mentality to take it to the rack with confidence.

One Major Reason Kids Aren't Finishing Lay Ups

Quite simply, they're too predictable.

So many kids only have one finishing move at the rim...

Even an average defender who's paying attention knows exactly what's coming...

And they can block the shot, strip the ball or easily stay in position to alter the shot.

The results are even worse if your kids can only finish with their strong hand or go in one direction.

Even great players would struggle to finish consistently if they were only ever allowed to use one move.

So the key is first teaching the foundational pieces like:

  • Starting low and finishing high
  • Staying closed off to the defender
  • Smashing the last dribble to explode up
  • Ripping the ball away from the defender

Then teaching them a wider range of moves they can deploy against any defensive look.

Players need multiple options at the basket!

The tried-and-true "Jump off the inside leg and finish with the outside hand" only works in a few situations...

But what if:

  • Your offensive player is being guarded by a much taller defender
  • The opposing big is helping onto your PG as they drive to the basket...
  • A "quick hands" wing defender is getting strips and steals on the drive
  • The help defender is sliding over to take the charge

Each situation requires its own unique finishing move or combination to convert at the basket.

Yet in 40+ combined years on the sideline, we've found "Finishing" to be one of the least understood and under-taught skills.

Players are often left to "figure it out" through trial-and-error or modeling college and pro players.

Even though the proper training can...

Add 8-15 PPG to Your Box Score

How many layups do you estimate your team takes and makes per game?

Take 25 and make 10? Obviously this varies widely based on age.

But let's say you utilize training that increases converted layups to 13 per game.

That's 6 more points on the board. Plus several more fouls drawn and free throws.

And that's before you think about the ripple effects:

  • Less shots blocked or balls stripped (meaning less fast breaks for opponents)
  • Drawing more fouls (getting into the bonus and keeping their key players off the floor)
  • More opportunities off the kick as the help defense collapses
  • More focus on getting to the basket because they have the confidence they can finish

It's very realistic to say you could score 8-15 PPG more if your players finished with precision.

How many of your losses last season were by 15 points or less?

This really is one of the small levers that can swing a very big door.

Here are a few coaches who've
watched this come to life:

"Several of our players are making 2-4 more layups and getting 1-3 more steals per game because they use (this move) and know how to defend other players who do not."
- Coach Ingersoll

"Our players are now winning close games that we used to lose by using these moves to score and draw fouls in the final minutes."
-Coach Malloy

"A 7th grade girl with the top AAU team in our state made 4 buckets by using this college level move. Her team beat our team by 8 points."
- Coach McCullough

Stop Worrying About the Refs...
And Start Finishing With a Purpose

One of the greatest gifts coaches can give players is the wisdom to focus on what they can control and forget about the rest.

None of us can control when the ref blows their whistle.

Yet it's so common for players to go up weakly, hope the ref bails them out and complain when it doesn't happen.

That's NOT winning basketball...or a winning mentality in life.

Instead, we can help our kids take control by mastering finishing moves that:

  • Give them the strength and foundation to finish through contact
  • Use clever body positioning and footwork to clearly draw contact that gets calls
  • Confuse defenders and send them flying in the opposite direction

Rather than an "I hope I get a call" mentality, let's give them the "I don't care if I get a call" mindset because they're finishing regardless.

Learn 20 "Next Level" Finishing Moves
To Become Crafty and Unpredictable Around the Basket

The Next Level Finishing Moves training program is an easy step-by-step system for players to learn and apply elite level finishing moves to score more points, foul out the best defenders, and win more games.

Taught by top D-I player development coach Jim Huber, this program includes:

  • 3+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Training
  • 20 Simple and Fun Drills to Transform Players' Finishing Skills
  • Next Level Finishing eBook to easily reference drills and key teaching points
  • "Progressions" of each drill (to accommodate players' age and skill level)
  • Coaching cues to shorten players' learning curve and depend on their skill acquisition

Every strategy and move has been tested and perfected with over 60,000 players over the last 5 years.

Take action with confidence this will transform your game and your team.

Who is this program for?

Next Level Finishing Moves is for any player or coach who wants to:

  • Make more layups in game situations
  • Draw more fouls and feast at the free throw line
  • Use the threat of finishing to open up other aspects of the offense
  • Neutralize top defenders who are used to getting blocks and strips
  • Take the refs out of the equation and finish regardless of contact

The principles apply to all players from youth to college level - and include applicable training for all positions.

The drill progressions are designed to appropriately challenge players no matter where they're starting out.

This is your step-by-step guide to higher scoring and more W's against the toughest competition

Here's what real coaches think about Next Level Finishing:

Coach Steve from Fort Collins, CO says:
1/3/2018 at 12:12:09 AM

I purchased these disks to get another perspective on how to teach finishing moves and look for some new ways to teach some of these skills. We often teach many of these moves at our camps. Jim Huber does a great job of explaining how to run the drills. In some areas, he uses some different terminology than we do when we teach these skills at our camps. I like his approach and it has helped me to re-think how I teach and ways I can communicate more effectively with our players.

Coach C from Crystal Lake, IL says:
8/15/2017 at 10:49:25 AM

The BTB videos are far above and beyond other basketball videos by other publications. Their clarity and detail are excellent. The information is well thought out. I appreciate the fact they are not the ship shod Clinic videos so often seen today. As a long time coach of the game I highly recommend this video and the many others I have purchased. BTB takes the time to make sure their videos are the highest of quality and content. Anyone interested in good explanations of how to teach finishing moves should invest in Jim Huber's Finishing Moves video. You likely won't use them all but there is something there for everybody. Love the teaching!

Coach Rich says:
8/7/2017 at 12:56:51 AM

I have several videos from BTB and the "Next Level-Finishing Moves" is another great tool I use to build and adjust my coaching methods. We see great moves as we watch college and NBA games but the fine points to teaching them, to athletes ranging from 10 to 18 years requires an excellent video this. Jim Huber has several videos, all a must for the serious coaches library.

Get Instant Access to Next Level Finishing Moves for Just $69 $48 (30% Anniversary Sale Discount Expires Sunday, June 16th)

DVDs and Online Streaming
DVDs and Online Streaming Online Streaming Only (No Shipping Fees)

Click the "Join Now" button to claim your Special Discount and get immediate access to Jim Huber's Next Level Finishing Moves

Here's the Complete Breakdown:

Chapter 1: Introduction

This is the big picture. Similar to when you teach players moves and plays, you too need the Big Picture of how this system works to use it effectively. It's quick and easy but necessary.

You'll also get to meet the lead instructor, Jim Huber, who is one of the top youth basketball curriculum developers in the USA.

  • Jim has personally coached NBA players as well as elite college prospects who have attended the nation's top college basketball programs including Michigan State, Duke, and Kentucky.

  • Coached and operated the Mokan Basketball program that has sent 42 players to the college level including 22 who played at Division I colleges.

  • Jim's teams have won 45 championships, 13 runner up finishes and 26 Final Four Finishes at regional and national tournaments since 2004.

  • Jim's curriculum has been used to train thousands of players on his teams and at camps.

Chapter 2: Finishing Moves - 20 of Them with Twists

In this second chapter, you will learn how to teach all 20 elite finishing moves.

Here is a sample of a few of the moves...

NOTE: Comments are from people who have either used these videos or seen these moves taught at one of our camps.

Move #1. Rip To The Ear

An almost un-blockable layup technique that is very different than the layup technique used by average players.

"Several of our players are making 2-4 more layups and getting 1-3 more steals per game because they use this move and know how to defend other players who do not."

Move #3. Same Foot - Same Hand

This is the move that leaves even elite defenders who are ready to block shots into the stands wondering what just happened. The craftiness of this move is NBA-worthy.

"I had never thought about how when my players drive, defenders time their shot blocks to their footwork. It's counter-intuitive, but my best players figured out quickly that this could make them a half-second faster."

Move #7. Stretch Finish

The stretch finish is the key to getting separation from aggressive defenders by making players more unpredictable through changing the takeoff point, timing and release point.

"My players all wish they were taller so I asked them if they could, 'grow 5 to 10 inches in an hour,' and then showed them by using this move. Combined with longer steps in the lane this gets them to the hoop a lot faster too."

Move #10. The Rondo

This brilliant inside hand fake followed by a pivot into a second move makes the biggest, most aggressive defenders look like 7 year olds. It's the kind of offensive move that results in scores and pumps the bench and audience up which can change momentum of games.

"I save teaching the Rondo for when my kids get bored with reps of easier moves. They love it because it looks so cool."

Move #14. Eurostep

The Eurostep is well known and taught to avoid the charge. The little known "invasion step" taught in this video is used by top scorers to blow by even the tallest and quickest defenders while drawing fouls.

"I've seen Russell Westbrook do this but set it up with a pass fake to move the help side defender. It's pretty unstoppable when done with these variations."

Move #19. Spin Move

This high level move relies on ball security and contact timing with a long drop step to the basket while properly pulling the ball with the same hand.

"Our guards finally learned how to do a spin move correctly in the open court and are really excited that it is now leading into a shot finish."

Chapter 3: 1v0 Finishing Drills

These are simple drills that give players a lot of reps but also a lot of creativity in choosing which finishing moves are the best ones for them to perfect.

Finishing Drills include: Finishing off the Catch - Triple Threat Finishes - Finishing in Transition - Cone Finishing Drills - Go Get It!

Chapter 4: Adding Offensive Actions: Flex Cuts

This chapter demonstrates how to isolate a specific action in your offense to create useful drills to practice finishing moves as they occur in games.

Flex Cut Finishes include: Pogo - 2 Foot Stop - Jump Hook - High Hands (Kawai Leonard) - Rondo Trailing Defender - Inside Defender - Second Step Finishing -

"I loved this section because it put everything our players learned into live action. It taught the when and how to use these in games. We could see their level of skill going up immediately."

Chapter 5: Competitive Drills

As you probably already know, competitive 1v1 drills are probably the best way for kids to focus on doing moves correctly while mimicking game-like defensive pressure.

These drills have been used with thousands of players at Breakthrough Basketball camps and can immediately improve players' confidence and skill levels.

Competitive Drills include: 1v1 Weak Side Finishing Drill - 1v1 In Tight Finishing Drill - 1v1 Half Court Break - Half Court Break Off the Press - Beilein Drill - 2v1 Beilein Drill - Ball on the Back - Pro Agility Drill - 1v1 Probe Finishing Drill - Flex Drill - Foster Drill

Chapter 6: Frequently Asked Questions

This chapter provides answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions so you can coach with confidence and clarity in this approach.

Chapter 7: Closing Thoughts

Don't Decide Now
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Next Level Finishing Moves is backed by our 60-day unconditional money back guarantee.

So take the next 60 days to go through all the videos and try them out with your team.

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No questions asked. No hassle. No worries.

We're so confident this program will transform your finishing skills that we're willing to take all the risk, so you don't have to.

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Load Your Team With Fearless Finishers

You already know all the ways better finishing skills can transform your team this season:

  • Less shots blocked or balls stripped (meaning less fast breaks for opponents)
  • Drawing more fouls (getting into the bonus and keeping their key players off the floor)
  • More opportunities off the kick as the help defense collapses
  • More focus on getting to the basket because they have the confidence they can finish

And you've heard from coaches who have watched players transform in front of their own eyes thanks to this training.

If you want to prepare your players to finish fearlessly against taller, stronger defenders...

In any situation - and whether or not they get the call...

Then grab your copy of Next Level Finishing now at the special discounted price of just $69 $48 (30% Anniversary Sale Discount Expires Sunday, June 16th).

DVDs and Online Streaming
DVDs and Online Streaming Online Streaming Only (No Shipping Fees)

Here's to your next "And-1" finish!

Joe and Jeff Haefner