A Move To Instantly Blow By Aggressive Defenders (With Shooting Drill)

As demonstrated in the video, this drop step move is great to use against aggressive defenders, especially the ones that overplay the passing lane.

1 - The drop step move takes you away from the defender so they can't easily cut you off. You use the defender's aggressiveness to put them in an even worse position to stop you.

2 - By immediately going to the drop step move, it creates more separation from the defense. That's because it gives both the on ball defender and help defense less time to recover. Thus, opening up driving lanes and scoring opportunities for you and your teammates.

Instructions For Drill:

This drill simulates catching the ball and shooting from the middle of the court. As shown below, the drill can be performed to have multiple players shooting at one time.

Set up a ball in a chair located on the right elbow.

Player 1 begins as the shooter. Player 2 is the ball placer.

Player 1 starts on the sideline across from the chair and sprints out to the chair. They pick up the ball and execute a drop step move as demonstrated in the video. Player 1 dribbles once then shoots.

Player 1 chases their shot and passes out to player 2 who places the ball on the chair. Player 1 sprints to their original position on the sideline and performs the drill again.

Multiple Players

To incorporate multiple players at once, place a chair on the left elbow as well. In this case, player 3 becomes the shooter on the left side.

Each player takes ten shots all working on the same shot and footwork. Rotate players so someone new becomes the shooter.

Drill Tips:

  • Swing Foot, Straight Line Front of the Rim

    When executing the drop step move, the swing foot should go in a straight line to the front of the rim. This keeps the defender on your backside. Moving in a straight line also helps you get to the basket quicker.

  • Shoulders Square To Basket Before Dribbling

    You want to focus on getting your shoulder square to the basket prior to lifting your pivot foot or dribbling. You do this so you can see the floor. You also do this so the move doesn't appear to be a travel to the referee.

  • When Swing Foot Hits, Dribble The Ball

    When your swing foot hits the floor, release the ball and pick up your pivot foot. That way, you don't travel.

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Edrian says:
9/13/2018 at 10:33:14 PM

i have a small court at home i can used your training also my morning exercise thank you for the video training and i want more videos to train and improve my games too.


Mark Nongrum says:
9/12/2018 at 2:30:38 AM



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