Correct This One Mistake That's Limiting Your Deep Range Shooting Accuracy!

The #1 mistake players make that severely limits their ability to shoot accurately from long-range is this...

Their upper body mechanics are completely out of sync with their lower body.

Generally, these shooters tend to look a bit "stiff"... or "jerky"... or they rely too heavily on their arms to "catapult" the ball to the rim...

Which severely limits their ability to produce enough power to shoot from deep range with accuracy.

And this is almost always for 1 of 2 reasons...

Either they...

  1. Rushed through the development stage of their mechanics... and have built muscle memory around a shot that hasn't properly synchronized their upper body with their lower body.
  2. Or, when they do work on mechanics... they tend to focus on upper-body movements like their follow through... or elbow and hand placement.

That's why I want to share a tip on correcting this common problem...

So you can develop a more fluid and accurate long-range shot...

You must start by retraining your muscle memory... so that the timing of your lower body mechanics are coordinated with your upper body shooting motion.

You can do this by repeatedly drilling these movements...

  • When beginning your shot... you should remain seated with your hips down as you start moving the ball upwards into your shot.
  • Once the ball reaches your shoulder or head height into the "set" position... that's when you should begin extending your legs into your jump.
  • By doing this, your legs and arms will work together... in a smooth, fluid motion that will build momentum into your shot and allow you to extend your range.

That's why, if you watch a great shooter like Steph Curry or Caitlin Clark...

You'll notice the ball starts to come up into the shot pocket near their shoulder or head before their legs start to extend... rather than too early or too late...

steph curry

And this is why it's so important to start thinking of your shot as a series of interconnected movements that are linked together in a "kinetic chain"...

Because your whole body needs to be working together in harmony.

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