How To: DEADLY Scoring Move For An Overplaying Defender (Shooting Drill Too)

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This is a great scoring move to use against aggressive defenders. It will get you more open shots and more open driving lanes.

There is also a shooting drill that you can use too.

Don Kelbick teaches the move and the shooting drill.

As Don Kelbick explains in the video, there are a few keys to set up this move.

  • Think Shot

    You want to have an attacking mindset. You want to put pressure on the defense.

  • Outside Hand

    You want to lift your outside hand to give the passer a target. This also makes it harder for the defense to steal the ball.

  • Straight Line - Front of the Rim

    When you pivot on your bottom foot, you want to step with your swing foot (top foot) in a straight line to the front of the rim.

    This puts the defender on your back and in a better position to be a scoring threat.

    When you move in straight lines, it also makes you quicker.

  • Don't Pivot Out Of Scoring Range

    Also, as Don says, you want to use footwork and moves that put you in position to be a threat. If you pivot out of scoring range, you are not a threat.

This video clip is from The Attack & Counter Skill Development System.

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kat says:
9/17/2017 at 5:26:55 PM

love all the tips. for a mom who isn't a basketball expert, the tips are all-around easy to understand and explain to my son. thanks!


Harvy Orbe says:
9/15/2017 at 10:32:40 PM

This technique gives me lot of ideas to be shared to the youngster here in our country..thank you sir


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