4 Quick Post Moves To Use Against Bigger Or Slower Defenders

As Coach Huber explained in the video, the back pivot is a great post move to create space and take advantage of your quickness. And if you add the three counter moves, it can make you nearly impossible to stop.

Here are some tips to help you better execute these post moves...

Post Move #1 - Back Pivot: Create Space And Take Advantage Of Your Quickness

First, let's cover the key points to a highly effective back pivot post move.

  • Violent Rip And Pivot - The quicker you can pivot and rip the ball, the more space you can create from the defender. This creates an opening for an immediate shot. If the defender quickly comes forward to stop the shot, this opens up your counter moves to attack the basket.

  • Ready To Shoot - As soon as you face the basket, you need to be ready to shoot. Any pause gives the defense more time to recover to stop the shot. Additionally, it gives the defense more time to get balanced and stop your counter moves.

  • Develop Consistent Footwork - You don't want to overturn or underturn as this puts you in a poor shooting position. This can lead to lower shooting percentages and ineffective counter moves due to poor balance. You want to develop consistent footwork, so you can shoot quickly or counter quickly and effectively.

Post Move #2 - Sweep Counter Move

When the defender stops your shot, you immediately counter to the sweep. Based on the defender's close out angle, this gives you the best driving angle to the basket.

  • Rip Below Knees And Drive In Straight Line - Make sure to rip the ball below the knees and drive in a straight line to the rim. This will prevent steals and ensure you get to the basket as quickly as possible.

  • Veer - If the defender makes contact, veer to maintain a good scoring angle and so you are not pushed out of bounds.

  • Opposite Side Of Rim To Score - You can also finish on the opposite side by using the rim as a shield against a shot blocker.

Post Move #3 - Double Rip Counter Move

If the defender reads the sweep, you can use a double rip move to drive to the middle.

Like before, make sure to aggressively rip the ball and jab step. This will bait the defender further to the baseline and open up the middle of the floor.

Post Move #4 - Quick Spin Counter Move

If the defender is excessively leaning on you or creating a lot of pressure and contact, you can immediately go to the quick spin move.

Here are some tips for the quick spin...

  • Forward Pivot And Step Straight To Rim -To counter, you simply forward pivot and step straight to the rim.

  • Don't Fight Pressure - You don't want to fight the pressure. You want to use it against the defender. By fighting the pressure, you may lose some of the quickness on the move or lose balance.

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Coach Beary says:
12/18/2020 at 2:22:41 PM

Sorry, move 2 is such a blatant travel violation, you should really take this off the air. At first I wanted to send this video to my players but the way it is, sorry, it’s counterproductive.


Stepan says:
5/21/2018 at 6:07:43 AM

The quicker the move the harder to score. :) A very persistent problem, by the way. Not only do you start losing your balance when back-pivoting really quickly (opposite to normal pivot where inertia, on the other hand, often helps you find balance), your hands are having a hard time adjusting the ball too. It's a bit of a jerky movement, and as a result, your lose smoothness and softness of touch. So it's a much more difficult move than it may seem. Needs to be practiced very consistently and regularly to become effective.

As Kris mentioned, the sweep is a VERY travel-prone move. I should check myself here as travel is one of my favorite topics, and it's too easy to bore everyone with details. But yeah... this needs a lot of patience and controlled reps before you arrive anywhere.


Kris Simpson says:
5/20/2018 at 9:47:29 AM

Looks like a travel on Rip and Sweep. The ball must hit the floor quickly (before pivot foot is up at least in Girls hoops) or it will be called travelling. I like the moves, effective!


matt says:
5/18/2018 at 2:21:52 PM

Is a rip and sweep the same move?

  1 reply  

Joe Haefner says:
5/21/2018 at 8:30:52 AM

Unfortunately, in the basketball world, there isn't consistent terminology. But here's how I describe each.

A rip is the movement of the ball from one side of the body to the other. You can rip the ball from your right side to your left side and vice versa.

A sweep is the movement of the feet combined with a rip. There might be some times where you don't need to rip the ball with a sweep.

I hope that helps.


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