5 Power Post Moves Against Smaller Or Weaker Defenders

As Coach Huber explained in the video, the crab dribble is a great power move to use against smaller or weaker defenders.

After that, you learn four counter moves to continuously be one step ahead of the defense.

How To Dominate With The Crab Dribble

First, let's cover the key points to a highly effective crab dribble post move.

  • Punish defender - As said, your mentality when attacking a defender is that you're going to punish them at the rim. You need to have that aggressive mentality in order to attack the rim with power.

  • Step straight to the rim - When doing the crab dribble, you need to step straight to the rim. This will create contact. However, you need to be in control and balanced. If you lower a shoulder and ram into a defender, you're more likely to get an offensive foul called.

  • Pound the ball hard - You also want to pound the ball hard. Not only does it help bring more power to the move, it also reduces the time that the ball is not in your hand. This makes it harder for a defender to swipe in and steal it.

  • Eyes up - You want your eyes up, so you can see the floor and respond appropriately.

Jump Hook Counter Move

As Coach Huber said, if the defender prevents you from reaching the rim, you can stop and utilize the jump hook.

This is a great counter because it's likely the defender is focused on being grounded and preventing you from advancing. Thus, making it harder to jump and block the shot. Additionally, you know when you're going to jump and the defender doesn't. This makes it harder for the defender to time your shot to block it.

Here are some tips for the jump hook...

  • Two foot stop - You want to land on two feet to get balanced and explode up.

  • Ball - Body - Defender - You want to shield the defender from the ball. So you have the ball on your outside shoulder with your body between the defender and the ball.

  • Lock elbow and snap wrist over - To develop consistency in your shot, you want to have consistent mechanics.

Step Through Counter Move

In order to stop the jump hook, the defender needs to overplay the move. When that happens, immediately go to the step through counter move. There should be an open lane to the basket.

Here are some tips for the step through move...

  • Stay low and compact - You want to stay strong, low, and on balance, so the defense can't easily knock you off balance.

  • Step straight to the rim - You also want to step in a straight line to the basket, so you don't give the defender an angle to recover and contest the shot.

Forward Pivot Counter Move

If the defender takes away your step through move, you can immediately go to a forward pivot.

Here are some tips for the forward pivot move...

  • Commit to initial counters - The only reason you use the forward pivot is if you can't score on the initial moves. So you need to practice each piece of footwork at full speed.

  • Full pivot - Make sure you don't under pivot. If you do so, you might have excessive twisting during your shot. This introduces another aspect that can cause inconsistency in your shot.

Drop Step (Or Spin) Counter Move

Another counter move to the crab dribble is the drop step. If the defender takes away the crab dribble initially, you can immediately drop step and finish at the rim.

Here are tips for the drop step counter move...

  • Don't spin. Drop step! - We call it a drop step rather than a spin because your footwork is what creates the spin. And your footwork is what makes it an effective spin. If you just focus on spinning your upper body, your feet won't take you to the basket nearly as quickly.

  • Straight line to the basket - As you drop step to the basket, you want to get your foot stepping straight to the basket. Once again, this makes it harder for the defense to recover. It also makes you harder to push off a scoring angle.

  • Protect dribble. Don't switch hand too early - You want to make sure to protect the ball and keep the ball away from the defender. Don't switch hands too early on the drop step dribble which will expose the ball to the defender.

What's Next!

Next, in this post play series, you're going to learn... 4 Quick Post Moves Against Bigger Or Slower Defenders.

Also, in case you missed it... here's part 1 of the series.
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