Run This Indiana Pacers Zoom SLOB Play To Put Defenses In A Bind

By Jeff Huber

The Zoom Action is Everywhere. It's becoming common at all levels of basketball from youth through the NBA.

Why? Because it works!

One of the great things is that you can use the Zoom in numerous different situations.

It could be your main offense. You could use it for half-court plays. You can also use it for out-of-bounds plays!

In game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Pacers used a Zoom action play to create an open 3 from a sideline out-of-bounds situation.

WATCH the play here!

How the Pacer Zoom Action SLOB Play Works

The play starts with 2 & 3 positioned towards the same side corner.

4 is in the opposite corner.

5 is on the ballside elbow. 5 pops out and receives a pass from 1 at the 3 point line.

3 and 1 set a staggered screen for 2.

2 comes off the staggered screens and takes a handoff from 5.

Most zoom actions involve 3 players. This set has 4 players involved, creating more traffic for the defense to navigate.

4 lifts from the corner. 5 rolls.

After setting the stagger, 3 clears to the opposite side. This prevents their defender from helping on 5's roll.

After 1 screens, they lift up to the left wing.

2 takes the handoff and has the following options:

If their defender gets caught in the handoff, they can attack the paint.

If 5 is open on the roll (possibly because x1 doesn't help) or the defense switches the handoff, 2 should look for 5 at the rim.

If 1's defender helps on 5's roll (as in the video), 2 should look at 1 lifting behind the action for a shot.

The Best Way to Start Implementing Zoom

Part of the beauty of the Zoom action is how easy it is to integrate.

If you haven't used Zoom before, out-of-bounds plays are a great way to begin. It allows you to run the action from a highly organized starting point.

Use Pacer to put the defense on their heels and get your team a great shot.

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