How To Hide Inbounds Play Calls From The Defense

As Tim Schuring says in the video above, a great way to hide your play calls on inbounds plays is to use your feet.

Feet Apart is one play.

Feet Narrow is one play.

Feet Staggered is one play.

This helps hide the play calls from the defense. That way, scouting is more difficult.

It also clears up communication issues for your players. At times, it can be hard to understand what somebody yells for a play call. So even if your players know the plays, they can still screw them up by accident because they misheard it.

When you use the feet to signal a play call, it's much harder to misunderstand that. It's easy to determine if somebody's feet are narrow, wide, or staggered. Now, your players will run your plays properly more often.

Resource: Tim Schuring's Complete Offensive System

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TAO XIAO says:
2/8/2018 at 3:13:12 PM

Its a ggod play


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