The Brazil Secondary Break - Use Multiple Back Screens To Get Post and Perimeter Looks

By Daniel Benjamin

Summary: This is an excellent play to get your “Big” man a scoring opportunity on the move or your best shooter an open perimeter look. It is a relatively simple play that involves ball and player movement.

This was the 2014 USA Senior National team's initial play after winning the jump against Brazil (Exhibition game in Chicago).

Step 1

Player 5 is a post player and the trailer.

Player 1 dribbles up the left side.

Player 2 is the “shooter” and on the left wing.

Player 3 is a guard/forward on the right wing.

Player 4 is a post player stationed on the right elbow.

Step 2

Player 5 goes to set a down screen for Player 2, who cuts up to the three-point line.

Player 4 moves towards the top of the arc in order to be in position.

Player 2 and Player 4 are now in position to receive a pass from Player 1 (if need be).

Step 3

Player 1 passes to Player 4 around the top of the circle.

Step 4

Player 1 cuts toward Player 4, who hands the ball off to Player 1.

Player 5 sets a back screen for Player 2. Player 2 makes a “circle cut” towards the basket line at just below the free throw line.

Step 5

Player 2 sets a back screen for Player 5, who cuts to the basket.

Player 4, immediately following Player 2's back screen, sets a screen for Payer 2. He then spaces out a little to give Player 2 some operating room.

Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2 for a three-point shot at the top of the circle.

Wrinkle #1

If Player 2 does not have a shot, he has a few options.
If he can take his man off the dribble, he should.


Player 4 can come set a ball screen for Player 2, and play two-man game with him.


Player 2 can pass to Player 3 curling off of Player 1's screen on the right side of the court.

Other comments

The goal of Player 1 is to reverse the ball. So, in step 3 you could have Player 5 set a ball screen for Player 1 and have him dribble across court rather than pass to Player 4.

If Player 4 does not receive a pass from Player 1, he will step back to right elbow area.

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