Score An Easy Basket With This Baseline Out of Bounds Play from 1-4 Low

This is a very simple play from the 1-4 low set that will get you a wide open look close to the basket.

5 screens for 1. 1 cuts to the corner. After the screen, 5 pops out to the wing.

3 can pass to 1 for the corner shot. If 1 is not open, 3 passes to 5 on the wing.

If the inbounder has trouble getting the ball inbounds, 2 cuts to the side of the ball towards half court as a safety valve.

If 5 receives the inbounds pass, 4 sets a screen for 3. 3 fakes towards the corner to set up the defender and cuts to the basket looking for the pass from 5.

4 opens up to the ball after the screen looking for the ball.

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