Quick Hitter For Shooting Point Guard

Here is a quick hitter from Don Kelbick.  This is great play to run if you have a point guard who is a good perimeter shooter. Additionally, Coach Kelbick shows you how to seamlessly transition into your offense. In the video below, he shows you how to do this within the flex offense.
This quick hitter play starts in a 1-4 high alignment. Post player (player 5) cuts to the guard spot.
Frame 1
4 stays and sets a screen for 1. 1 cuts to the block.
Frame 2
Once 1 reaches the block, 4 and 3 set a staggered screen for 1. 1 looks to shoot if open.
Frame 3
If 1 is not open, you flow into your offense.  In this example, the flex offense is used. 3 spaces to corner. 4 sets flex screen for 2. The pattern continues for the flex offense. If you don't teach your players how to flow into your offense after a play, your offense can often stagnate and result in a poor possession.  This means fewer points for you.   So it's very important to show them how to transition into your offense after a play has been executed.
Frame 4


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