Feet Apart - Baseline Out Of Bounds Play

Here is a multi-option baseline out of bounds play from Tim Schuring.  This play gives you two options with players cutting to the basket for a lay up.  And it involves a staggered screen that gets your shooter open for a perimeter shot.
Here is the formation for the baseline out of bounds play. 1 is the passer. 2 starts under the basket.  3 starts at the top of the key. 5 is in the corner. 4 forms a box with 3 & 5. Make sure that 4 doesn't come closer to the 3-point line.  You want to form a true box.
Frame 1
Option 1 - 3 Weakside Dive: 2 screens for 3. 3 dives to the weakside.
Frame 2
Option 2 - Single, Single Screen: If 3 is not open, 3 clears to the corner. As 2 approaches to set the screen (diagram above), 4 & 5 position themselves for a staggered (single, single) screen for 2. 2 cuts to the corner for a shot.
Frame 3
Option 3 - 5 Slips: If 2 is not open, 5 slips the screen and cuts to the basket. Option 4 - Safety Valve: 4 is the safety valve.  4 works the rim line to the sideline to get open.
Frame 4


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Mike says:
2/15/2018 at 7:43:36 PM

I've run this a few of times the past couple of weeks with my 7th grade A and B teams. We've had a clean look at a 3 every time - against both man and zone. Thanks for posting it.


Sandra says:
2/8/2018 at 10:31:28 PM

Feet apart is an excellent blob. My question to you, can this be run against man and zone?

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Jeff says:
2/9/2018 at 5:05:00 PM

Yes. 3 keys against zone:
- 5 man must screen outside, bottom defender.
- 4 man shapes to high post after he sets screen.
- 2 man may need to stop early (before the corner) when coming off the staggered screen


Robert Capen says:
2/8/2018 at 10:15:55 AM

Just what my JV team needs.


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