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Here is a baseline out of bounds play (BLOB) from the 1-4 low set.  The University of Arizona men's basketball team used this play in a 2014 NCAA Tournament game against the Michigan Wolverines. Right away, you can get a wide open look under the basket via a flex screen.  After this, there are various screens including a down screen, a cross screen, and a back screen that gives you multiple scoring opportunities on the perimeter or in the post.  
1 inbounds the ball. 1 needs to be a good decision-maker, ball-handler and three-point shooter. The other four players give a 4-flat look, starting on level with the rim. Your two post players start on ball-side and your guards start on the opposite side.  4 begins at the low-block on his side of the floor and 5 is outside the three-point arc. Similarly, 2 is on the opposite low-block and 3 begins outside the three-point line. Note: 5 is your best post scorer.  2 is your best shooter.
Frame 1
4 initiates the play by lifting out to the three-point line. 4 catches the ball around the right slot. 1 passes the ball over the top to 4.   Note: As soon the official hands the ball to 1, 4 and 5 turn their bodies sideways to fend off their defenders while calling for the ball.
Frame 2
Following the inbounds pass, 1 steps inbounds and cuts to the opposite wing. 2 cuts across the lane to the opposite low block. 3 straight line cuts to the left slot.  In the video, it's a step above the free throw line.
Frame 3
2 sets a screen for 5. 4 reverses the ball to 3. As the ball is being reversed, 5 flex cuts to the strong side low-block. 5 seals the defender and stops at the rim for a split second while looking for an entry pass.  If a pass isn't made, 5 slides to the low block.
Frame 4
4 sets a down screen for 2.  2 cuts to the three-point line.
Frame 5
3 has four options: 1. Shoot the ball. 2. Pass to 1 on the wing. 3. Pass to 5 posting on initial seal. 4. Pass to 2 for a three-point shot. 5. Pass to 4 who opens up after the screen.
Frame 6
If 3 passes the ball to 1 and 1 doesn't have a shot. 1 can enter the ball to 5 in the post or pass to 2 coming off 3's cross screen for three-point shot.
Frame 7
If 2 doesn't have a shot, 4 sets a screen for 3. 3 can cut back door or flare out to the wing. 4 lifts up to left slot following his screen, if 3 is unable to receive the pass.
Frame 8
For youth and middle school teams, you might only teach the initial flex screen.  Then you would space out to positions to run your motion offense. You don't want to waste a lot of practice time on teaching plays.  You should be teaching and developing skills, universal offensive concepts (motion offense), and universal defensive concepts (man to man defense). Related Resources: 60 Baseline Out of Bounds (BLOB) Scoring Plays Beating the Zone - 75 Set Plays to Score Against Zone Defense


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