Beating Double Teams - 1 on 0 Drill

This fast-paced drill teaches your players how to create separation off of double teams. At the same time it reminds your team to keep their eyes up so they can make a pass out of a double team.
Set up 4 cones or chairs (2 on each wing) to replicate defensive players trapping on both sides of the floor. One player will dribble at the cones on the right side, then take 2 escape dribbles back to create separation. A coach will start in the middle of the lane and flash up the court to the free throw line. When the dribbler sees the coach put his/her hands up, they will make a pass.
Frame 1
The coach will make the return pass to the dribbler who is sprinting to the opposite side of the court.
Frame 2
Again, the dribbler will approach the defenders and make 2 dribbles back to create space from the cones on the left. When he/she sees the coach flash their hands in the air he/she will pass out of the double team to the coach.
Frame 3
He/she then cuts to the basket, receives a return pass and finishes with a lay up. Once the player goes through both sides, a new player steps into the drill.
Frame 4
Variation: instead of having the coach flash up toward the ball, the dribbler can create separation, then make a crossover dribble and straight line dribble to the basket. To make it game-like, you could create a 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 drill that replicates this situation. To improve the ball handling aspect of handling traps with a defense present, you can also use the 1 on 1 Dribbling Drill With Random Traps. Related Resources: Breakthrough Basketball Camps - Shooting, Ball Handling, Youth, Guard Play, Post Play, and More. Jim Huber - Man to Man Defense Videos


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Franklin says:
8/13/2015 at 8:36:59 PM

You cannot replicate a double team with chairs.

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Joe Haefner says:
8/14/2015 at 10:27:38 AM

Agreed. That's why the last couple of paragraphs in the article reference drills to use with defenders.

This is simply a beginner progression to build habits and develop confidence. It's a means to an end; not an end in itself.

Also, it's a good drill if you don't have multiple players in the gym for a workout.


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