How to create mismatches and score more points against any zone defense

Here is a video clip from Don Kelbick's Continuity Zone Offense & Concepts To Beat Any Zone Defense.

This simple zone offense tactic will increase your scoring by confusing and scattering the defense.

Also, you will be able to create mismatches and take advantage of them to score more points.

It will also empower your players to quickly adjust "on the fly" against any zone defense... 2-3 zone defense, 1-3-1 zone defense, 3-2 zone defense, or any other variation.

Rather than the zone defense catching you off guard, you catch the zone defense off guard.

As Don says in the video, do not place offensive players in the zone's natural coverage areas. Instead, you want to put your players in areas that will create indecision for the defense.

You want to position your players in between defenders. Some coaches say create a triangle. You would be the point of the triangle. And the two defenders would be the other two points.

At times, both defenders will commit to the ball. With a quick pass, this will create wide open opportunities for your other players.

And other times, neither defender will commit to the ball leaving him or her wide open.

As Don says, your goal for early offense is to distort the zone. And you want to keep them scrambling.

By implementing this tactic, your offense will catch the zone off guard because you never have to "set things up".

Additionally, this will create mismatches and wide open lanes.

This will result in more easy baskets.

But wait... maybe you should match up with the zone defense positioning

Don says that you don't want to position your players aligned with the zone defense. For example, you don't want to have the same 2-3 offensive alignment when playing a 2-3 zone defense. The same could be said for a 3-2 zone defense, 1-3-1 zone defense, and other variations.

However, later in the Continuity Zone Offense & Concepts To Beat Any Zone Defense video, he discusses a tactic where you actually want to align with the zone. This other tactic is actually used to distort the zone as well.

I wanted to point that out for you advanced coaches that said, "Wait a second. There are times that you might want to align with the zone defense, so you can distort it after a few cuts."

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