3 Ways To Attack Down Screens - How To Read The Defense

In the video, Coach Schuring showed you three ways to attack down screens. He shows you how to make the appropriate reads based on how the defense is playing.

This breaks down the defense and creates more scoring opportunities for your team.

Attacking Down Screens

The first step to making the correct reads is to look at the defender guarding you as you get ready for the screen. You cannot be locked in on the ball.

Blast Cut

If the defense is being lazy or backing up, this is a great time for a blast cut.

You want to set up the screen by walking or jogging your defender down to the basket. Then you change speeds and blast cut to the ball.

Curl Cut

If the defender is trying to beat you over the screen and you beat the defender to the screen, you curl cut.

You should get low and cut off the screen shoulder-to-hip.

Backdoor Cut

If the defender beats you to the screen and gets over the top of the screen, you cut backdoor.

You want to look for the defender’s top shoulder outside the screener’s top shoulder as a visual cue for you to cut backdoor.

If you perfect these reads, it will help you shred the defense and score more points for your team.

Video Resource: Tim Schuring’s Complete Offensive System

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