Steve Kerr - Easiest Time To Attack Defense

And beat teams that are more talented... or have more size and experience...

Then you might want to get your team prepared to get out and run, and attack opponents before they get set in their half-court defense...

Because that's when teams are often most vulnerable.

Earlier this year, NBA Champion coach Steve Kerr said in an interview...

"It's always easier to attack a defense that's not set than one that's set"

This is very similar to 4x Illinois Coach of the Year Rob Brost's answer when asked if his uptempo style of play is suitable for teams with limited talent...

"I would play even faster [with a less talented team]. Because if you're in the half court, a more skilled and better team is at a huge advantage compared to a less talented team.... You need to take advantage of getting to spots and getting high percentage shots."

You can think of this like George Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware River during the American Revolution on a cold and wintery Christmas night.

Despite being significantly outnumbered... and having lost consecutive battles... Washington's Continental Army turned the tide of the war by attacking when the enemy was least prepared...

Which is exactly what you're doing when you attack the defense before they're able to get comfortably set in their half-court defense.

Here's a great "Ugly" and "Sloppy" drill that teaches your players to play FAST from USA Basketball Coach Rob Brost.

And if you'd like a more DETAILED systematic approach to playing FAST... To hopefully get you to pull off a few more upsets of your own, take a look at...

How To Get Comfortable Playing Offense At An Uncomfortable Pace with Rob Brost


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