My Favorite 1v1 Drill for Skill Development

Yesterday, we talked about changing your starting positions for basketball drills to improve acceleration, speed, and balance.

And I don't know if you got a chance to watch the drill in that article...

But I believe this 1v1 Attack Drill from coach Don Kelbick is...

PURE GOLD for Improving Confidence, the "Attack Mentality", and Finishing!

But don't solely look at just the diagrams for the drill, be sure to listen to the video for the advice and tips from Coach Don Kelbick.

It might be the best and most effective advice I ever received for developing mentality and scoring around the basket!

I highly advise you incorporate this into your workouts... for any age level!

It might be my favorite all-around skill development drill out there!

I've used it for almost 15 years. Just last night, I was using it in the driveway with my 8 year old and 10 year old boys along with some of their friends.

I think you'll find it absolutely brilliant.

This 1v1 drill is great for improving your ability attack the defense and finishing in transition.

Additionally, you develop better ball handling, acceleration, speed, agility, finishing, conditioning, and much more.

As mentioned, it also instills that aggressive mentality... which is 90% of the battle with skilled players!

And if you like Don Kelbick's approach when it comes to developing skills, mentality, and confidence, check out his Attack & Counter Skill Development System.

It definitely is unique and Coach Kelbick thinks OUTSIDE the box.

Players I worked with made tremendous strides when I combined his Attack & Counter approach with game-based drills.

Also, you should still keep practicing skill development throughout the season. Since coaches are focusing on team strategies, they might not be able to allocate the necessary time to skill development.

So it's extremely important to keep doing mini-workouts throughout the season! It could also help you pass your competition as the season goes by.

So now is a perfect time to study this and incorporate your favorite things into your workouts.

Let us know what you think!


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