Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter:
How My Former Coach Created A Basketball Dynasty

October 28th 2022

Today's newsletter is jam packed with great info.

  • A super important story about working with a McDonald's All-American coach who built a dynasty program... 5 state titles and 8 state championship game appearances in 10 years!
  • A "pressure" free throw drill
  • 3 rebounding drills so your team can own the boards... the video also has some great game footage to share with your players, so you can get them to buy-in to the fundamentals of rebounding.
  • A Breakthrough Camp coach is joining the University of Texas coaching staff!


How My Former Coach Created A Basketball Dynasty - Winning 5 State Titles in 10 Years

Today, I want to share a story about a coach that I was an assistant for.

It's worth a brief moment of your time, because I had the privilege of watching as he built a dynasty program... and I believe you can do the same thing.

However, you don't have to wait over 20 years like this coach did.

After implementing this strategy (it's not offense or defense), the coach went from zero state titles to...

  • 5 state titles in 10 years
  • 8 state championship game appearances in 10 years
  • Selected to coach the McDonald's All-American game
  • A plethora coach of the year awards

You also might've seen this coach on TV when Loyola Chicago made that miracle Final 4 run a few years back as two of his former players were on the team...

Continue reading the rest at the following page:

By Implementing This With His Youth Program...This High School Coach Won 5 State Titles in 10 Years

A Great Way To Add Pressure to Free Throws During Practice

On Twitter, Andre Phillips (@CoachDre3000) recently posted a fantastic game that he saw his players doing while playing 3v3.

When you scrimmage whether it's 2v2, 3v3, 4v4,or 5v5...

After a made basket, the scoring player shoots a free throw.

If they make it, you get the bucket + 1 point for the made free throw.

If they miss it, you get zero points... even though you made a shot prior to the free throw.

This is a great way to add some pressure to your free throws during practice.

Hopefully, this can help your team make some clutch free throws this season!

3 Best Rebounding Drills That Win Games At Any Level

These drills translate to HIGH level basketball.

They're simple to do and are effective at both youth level and D1 college basketball.

The video also has some great game footage to show how the drills and technique translate to actual games. Great for selling your players on the importance of it and getting them to buy in!

3 Best Rebounding Drills That Win Games At Any Level

Breakthrough Basketball Camp Instructor Adam Short Lands New Gig With the University of Texas!

We just want to take a moment to congratulate Coach Adam Short on a significant accomplishment.

Coach Short recently became a staff member for Chris Beard at the University of Texas.

He's ecstatic about his new gig, and we are too!

We're fortunate that he's also been a longtime Breakthrough Basketball Camp instructor.

Congrats, Adam!

All the Best,

Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball