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New Play and Youth Substitution Tips

October 18th 2022

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We're giving away an effective play for anyone running a dribble drive or motion offense. It will free up your point guard so he or she can score more points.

Youth Coaches will discover a fair way to do substitutions throughout the basketball season.

And there's also a great review about one of our best selling products that can help you dominate the 2022-2023 basketball season.


How To Run The Highly-Effective Drag Screen Play Against Man And Zone Defenses

This highly effective play is something that you'll definitely want to consider incorporating this season.

And there are 3 reasons why...

  1. It scrambles the defense and is a great way to free up the point guard once that player gets across half court.
  2. If the defense doesn't properly rotate, you'll get an open lane to the basket for a high-percentage shot.
  3. If the defense collapses, you will get a wide open 3-point look.

Coach Ryan Schultz broke it down in a bonus webinar for the Hybrid Attack Offense, and believe me when I say...that he knows more than a thing or two about turning a team into an offensive juggernaut.

The man has won 2 state championships and made 6 state appearances in just 7 years... when their program previously hadn't won a state championship in over 100 years and earned just 3 state semi-final appearances during that time frame!

You can see the details of the play with a few variations at the link below...

How To Run The Highly Effective Drag Play Against Man And Zone Defenses

A Fair Way To Manage Substitutions As A Youth Coach and Keep Everybody Happy

One of the things that a lot of youth coaches struggle with is managing substitutions.

It's a struggle because you need at least one or two players on the court that can handle the ball. But you still need to make sure that all of the other kids are getting close to the same amount of playing time.

At least that's what you should be doing if you want to make sure that every player stays engaged and improves throughout the season.

It can also help you keep parents happy and the season enjoyable for everybody!.

Here's how you can approach this dilemma...

Click here to read the rest of: A Fair Way To Manage Substitutions As A Youth Coach and Keep Everybody Happy

3 FAQs From Coaches About Hybrid Attack Offense

Due to Coach Schultz's impressive track record, we often get inquiries about his Hybrid Attack Offense - Dribble Drive + Motion Offense.

And rightfully so!

The concept itself creates a great deal of curiosity because most coaches tend to run either the dribble drive offense or motion offense alone, and don't know how to blend them together in a single system.

The questions are below and Breakthrough Basketball Product Development Director- Coach Mark Brase- has stepped in to handle the responses.

Question #1:


Does the Ryan Schultz video include anything about implementing his offensive system against zone defenses or is his system strictly for m2m defenses?



Breakthrough Basketball Response:

Hi Bob,

The video does not go into how to attack zone defenses. However, there is an eBook with 9 pages of strategies and tips to attack zone defenses while using the Hybrid Attack.

The most common defense besides man-to-man defense that Ryan Schultz sees is switching defenses. So he does have a section with strategies and quick-hitters in the videos to beat those defenses.

Also, there is a bonus webinar that covers some additional actions against zone defenses. Coach Schultz covers a couple of quick-hitters in that webinar. It's also documented in the webinar PDF.

Question #2:

What's this hybrid attack about?

Breakthrough Basketball Response:

Hi Coach,

It's a unique offensive system that blends dribble drive and motion offense concepts together. It's very adaptable as well...

  • Some years you may utilize the dribble drive actions (attack) a little more.
  • Some years you may trend toward more cutting and screening actions (motion).
  • In years where you have a post presence, you can allow and create more flash post ups and weak side seals - in addition to getting them into a variety of pick and roll situations within the framework of the Hybrid Attack Offense.

If you'd like to learn more, here's the product information page:

Question #3:


How does this offense match with a pressure type defense? Full court. Half court pressure.


Breakthrough Basketball Response:

Hi, Carlos. Thanks for your question.

Coach Schultz created this offense to be used against any man to man defense, and coach Schultz uses it against any man to man defense he faces.

He also includes information in the ebook and a webinar (both included) on how he attacks zones with his Hybrid Attack Offense.

As far as attacking a pressure defense full-court, Coach Schultz covers this in his Early Attack Offense video.

Along with demonstrating his on-court "silent triggers" to attack in transition, Coach Schultz shows how they push the ball up the floor off makes or misses in an attempt to not let a defense get set in full court pressure. His philosophy is to beat the opponent down the court each possession so the opponent can not set up their full court defensive pressure.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.


Mark Brase
Product Development Director
Breakthrough Basketball

"Appreciate The In-Depth Look" - Hybrid Attack Offense

Here is a review that captures the essence of what we try to do as a company- give you an extremely in-depth understanding of how each system works..

Here's the review in its entirety below...

"Teams I coached struggled to be aggressive when running just a motion offense. This is a very attack-oriented offense that almost forces teams to get downhill and attack the basket aggressively. Ryan Schultz takes the best elements of dribble drive and motion offenses and combines them in a simple, easy to understand way.

Very excited to implement this offense. Appreciate the in depth look and strategies at attacking a switching defense as well. On a side note, I've been to dozens of coaching clinics over the years. I'd much rather spend my money on in-depth instruction by a great teacher than the broad overview of a topic you get at a clinic."

- Chad C., Keokuk, IA

Perhaps you should consider implementing this offensive system to give your team a chance to become an offensive juggernaut this season.

Get all of the details at the link below...

All the Best,

Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball