The Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter
Issue 1: December 27, 2006

How to Optimize Basketball Practice Time and Get More Done - One of my biggest frustrations as a basketball coach was finding enough time to teach everything. This article gives you a few simple but effective tips to get more done!

10 Tips For Getting Your Basketball Team Motivated and Playing Hard - This is a collection of tips that I have discovered really help you keep your team focused.

New and Very Important Footwork Drill - Learn how to quickly improve your players balance, footwork, and overall basketball skills... If you're not using this drill, you should start right away.

New Shooting Drill - All youth basketball players under the age of 14 should be running this drill almost every day. And kids over the age of 14 should run it to keep their shooting skills sharp. (Some NBA players do this drill every single day!)

New Play - This man-to-man play give you lots of options and almost always gets easy shots right under the basket!

New Play - This play works great against zone defenses for an easy basket in the post or a wide open 3-point-shot.