Why Weight Lifting Could Be Holding You Back

Please don't lift another weight without reading this...

Because there's one essential ingredient that your weight-lifting MUST HAVE... in order for it to actually translate onto the court.

And without it... any results you see in the weightroom may be for nothing when it comes to improving your basketball game...

Or worse yet... without this vital ingredient... your lifting may actually be slowing you down and holding you back!

I'm talking about plyometrics.

See, plyometric exercise is the bridge that takes strength development in the weight room... and converts it into improved speed, quickness, and explosiveness on the court.

Simply put... plyometrics (when coupled with strength training) is the most effective way to increase your explosive POWER...


Power = Strength + Speed

So whereas weightlifting will improve your strength...

Plyometrics will allow you to combine that strength with speed... resulting in the kind of explosive power you need to...

  • Elevate over a would-be blocker
  • Blow past a defender
  • Never get beat off the dribble
  • Cross-up and shake loose a would-be defender

Which is why plyometrics plays such a central role in D-1 Strength and Conditioning Coach Cody Roberts' Athletic Development Program...


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