Improving Your Vertical Jump

Did you know that you can increase your vertical jump by a few inches in a relatively short period of time with a proper strength training program and improvements in jumping technique?

In fact, if you improve this one simple but critical factor in your jumping technique, you can gain inches almost immediately...

It's called your "penultimate" step... which is the second to last step before takeoff... and is responsible for converting your movement along the horizontal plane into the vertical burst upwards.

And the more powerful and efficient that step is... the higher you'll jump!

It's really that simple!

And in order to optimize your penultimate step, what you need to do is...

  • Maintain top end speed (rather than slow down) through the step... which will carry your velocity and propel you through takeoff.
  • Lengthen the step... which will lower your center of mass, resulting in a longer application of force on the floor.
  • Preserve body control and stability... otherwise you'll lose momentum and energy when transitioning from the horizontal to the vertical plane.
  • Keep your torso above your hips... You don't want to lean forward as this can reduce momentum and reduce the engagement of the most powerful muscles in your body.
  • Remain fluid and smooth... You don't want to jerk your head or upper body around. You want to be fluid and smooth through the entire movement.

Now... if you combine this technique with a D-I strength and conditioning program that utilizes the Pyramid of Development... that's when you'll really start to see amazing results!

See, the speed and explosiveness that most people think of when they want to improve their vertical jump... can only come after a solid foundation of coordination, balance, and stability has been laid down...

Only then can you begin to develop the power (or the maximum force produced in the shortest amount of time) that you need to effectively realize your full vertical potential...

Effectively, efficiently... and safely!

If you want to learn more about a program that will maximize your vertical... check out our Athletic Development Program with D-I Strength and Conditioning Coach Cody Roberts.


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